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Planning Application for 18m Telecoms Mast on Elmers End Green – have your say by 23 Sept 2020

Sister association West Beckenham Residents Association is opposing a planning application to put an 18m telecoms mast on Elmers End Green and asking residents impacted to place their objections on Bromley Council’s website  by 23 September and sign a local petition petition. 

The mast would be right on the corner with Croydon Road and half as high again as the tallest tree on the Green. The location would be extremely intrusive and make the Green an ugly place for everyone. The Green has been here at least 300 years!

  1. The Green is protected as Urban Open Space (UOS). The council’s policy is that any development on UOS must be related to the existing use or be small scale – clearly not the case here..
  2. This mast would be half as tall again as the tallest tree on the Green. There would also be three large cabinets at the base – see over the page.
  3. The visual impact of this mast and its cabinets would be severely detrimental. The view of Elmers End approaching from Beckenham would be totally dominated by this installation making the Green ugly and Elmers End unattractive.
  4. The location is just feet away from the Elmers End sign and history plaque.
  5. LB Bromley are investigating improving the Green to “enhance the public realm”.
  6. Such a huge mast should be sited where it is not so visually intrusive – there are several light industrial areas in the vicinity where the mast would not be as noticeable.

Find the application on the Council website

Go to search applications then put the number 20/03020

This is the actual application but the link may have been stopped.



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Residents Association covering central and northern Beckenham. Founded in 1939 to protect and promote the interests of residents in matters of local concern

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