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GP, Dentist and Social Care Surveys – let them know your views.

Out-of-hours GP access survey

Have you tried to access services when your GP has been closed?

Healthwatch Bromley is currently exploring the out-of-hours information provided for patients by GP Practices across the London Borough of Bromley.

Out-of-hour services are those provided outside of your GP Practice opening hours.These include urgent care centres, NHS 111, walk-in centres, A&E and extended GP services.

We are collecting local experiences and views of these services and would love to hear from you.

Please fill out the survey here.

Dentist Survey

Healthwatch Bromley is looking for your feedback on local dental services and would be grateful if you could complete our latest questionnaire.

We are particularly interested in understanding accessibility to the service so would still love to hear from you even if you do not use a dental practice.

Please fill out the survey here.

Social Care Survey

Healthwatch Bromley and Healthwatch Lewisham are carrying out a research project across both boroughs, looking into the social care needs and experiences of local people. We are interested to hear people’s experiences on access and referrals, social care assessments and quality of local care provision. We are looking to hear from anyone that receives support from the local authority, ranging from domestic support, direct payments and care packages, to personal care.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey if you have experience of social care in either borough.

Please fill it out by clicking here.  


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Benedict House, Copers Cope Road: Proposal for a Residential Support Centre, February 2017

Two applications are currently being considered by London Borough of Bromley’s planning officers proposing the change of use of Benedict house, a former nursing home, to a Residential Support Centre.

LBB’s Director of Housing has provided a briefing document, below, to answer some of the concerns that have been raised so far:

What is the Proposal?

Benedict House has recently been purchased by developers who are seeking to redevelop the site for high quality apartments. Time is required to prepare for redevelopment meaning that Benedict House is likely to be vacant for up to 2 years.  In the interim the developers have offered the opportunity for the LondonBorough of Bromley to utilise the building for up to 2 years for use as temporary accommodation to help meet its statutory rehousing duties.

Why is the accommodation needed by Bromley for use as temporary accommodation?

The number of households presenting at risk of homelessness has increased steadily in recent years. For the majority, the reason for homelessness is that they are experiencing difficulties in affording the increasing costs of renting or buying a home.  A reduction in new build accommodation, increase in private sector rents and changes within social housing has meant that move on housing options havedecreased and the numbers in temporary accommodation has risen to unprecedented levels. This has meant that to meet the level of housing need the Council has had to utilise costly forms of insecure nightly paid accommodation which frequently falls short of requirements in terms of location and quality.  The use of Benedict House for up to 2 years would provide much needed local temporary accommodation whilst longer term housing solutions are identified.

Who decides which people would be placed into Benedict House?

The Council would retain full control over nominations throughout the periodof use. This means that the Council would decide who is placed into the accommodation and for how long.

Would people be placed from outside of the borough?

No, as the Council controls who is nominated only those households with a local connection with Bromley would be eligible. These would be residents who live and/or have permanent employment within the borough.  Prioirty would be given to those households who currently live, work or have children in schooling near to, or on direct transport links to Copers Cope Road.

What type of People will be placed?

Local people, mainly families or couples, who have become homeless throughno fault of their own and to whom the Council owes a statutory duty to assist in rehousing. A full assessment would be undertaken before any household isnominated and only those households who have been assessed as able to fully maintain a tenancy independently where the need is solely for housing rather than support would be eligible to be placed into Benedict House. The scheme would not be open to those people who are deemed vulnerable requiring intensive support to be able to manage a tenancy because of their vulnerability, such as those with enduring mental health needs. The council has alternative specialist support schemes which provide more intensive support for these people.

Who will manage the schemes?

The scheme would be managed by Omega Mears. They already work with the Council sourcing and managing a number of temporary accommodationunits and have a long track record of successful temporary accommodationand tenancy management. It is proposed that 24 hour on site management is provided. Mears would also provide ongoing advice and support to residentsin partnership with the Council to assist households to secure settled accommodation and ensure that they do not become homeless again. For example helping to access employment for those who may not currently be in full time employment.

Would I be able to contact anyone if I had concerns or queries about the Scheme?

Yes, full contact details of the Mears staff and Council’s housing needs team would be made available to all local residents so that they would be able to make contact should they have any queries or concerns at any point.

What type of tenancies would residents have? Can you guarantee that they would have to leave at the end of the 2 years?

All residents would be signed up to a licence agreement. This is a non-secureagreement meaning that they would not hold any interest in the property or have any rights to remain in the long term. The agreement sets out residents’ responsibilities and the conditions they must meet to be eligible to stay in the accommodation. This includes their conduct and the conduct of any visitors to the scheme. As the agreement is not a ‘protected agreement’ it can be brought to an immediate end should any resident or their visitor breach these rules or the Council require vacant possession. In this way conditions can be actively enforced to ensure that the scheme operate successfully without disturbance or disruption for any other residents in the scheme or local community and can ensure vacant possession at the end of the period of use as temporary accommodation.

To view the applications, and submit your own comments, click on the links below:



Remember to include your name and address in any correspondence otherwise your comments will not be registered.

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Residential Support Centre / Hostel proposed on Copers Cope Road, January 2017

Applications have been submitted for proposed change of use of a former nursing home on Copers Cope Road to a Residential Support Centre.

Benedict House, on the corner of Park Road, was in use as a nursing home until last year, when it closed following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission which found it to be inadequate (click this link to read article in the Bromley Times last summer).
Omega Mears, a care service provider, proposes to lease the building from the current owner, Spring Capital Management, with the intention of using it as a ‘residential support centre’ to provide ‘accommodation, care and support services’ for ‘homeless families, vulnerable young adults and emergency housing requirements arising from healthcare needs and other issues’.
Two separate applications have been submitted: the first for a certificate of lawful proposed use (as a residential support centre) ; the second for a temporary change of use from a care home to a residential support centre.  We believe  the purpose of the second application is in case the first one is refused.  Both applications are supported by letters from Bromley Council’s Education, Care & Health Services department.
The letters from LBB EC&HS point to the fact, amongst others, that numbers housed in temporary accommodation has more than doubled in the last five years, hence the increasing requirement for facilities such as this, particularly for parents and children who have become homeless through no fault of their own.
No external alterations are proposed to the building and there is no increase in the number of bedrooms from when it was in use as a nursing home.  There are 41 bedrooms in total: 35 double, 5 single and 1 disabled.  30 bedrooms are ensuite.  Omega Mears have submitted a comprehensive Management Plan and the facility will be supervised 24 hours a day.
You can view both applications in full, including the Council letter and Management Plan, and comment on the proposals by clicking the links below:
CCARA has written to the assigned planning officer and ward councillors requesting  that an informal meeting, or drop-in session, is held by council officers and representatives from the service provider, for residents to gain a clearer understanding of the exact proposals and ask questions in order that an assessment can be made of any areas of concern before the application is considered by the Council’s Planning Committee.

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Meet NHS Bromley CCG’s health leaders – Mon 26 Sept 2016, Bromley Central Library

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) invites anyone who lives, works or studies in Bromley to meet the borough’s health leaders on Monday 26 September at an evening event at Bromley Central Library (High St, Bromley, Kent BR1 1EX). 

Fully open to the public, the evening will get underway at 5.30pm with a ‘meet and greet’ marketplace event, followed by our annual general meeting (AGM) at 6.30pm and a question and answer session with our governing body. We expect to finish by 7.30pm.

The marketplace showcases health services on offer across Bromley, bringing together representatives from children and young people’s services, maternity services, mental health, cancer services, GP practices and many more. You can meet the people who buy, plan and monitor health services for you across Bromley, and:

  • Find out the age of your heart
  • Know your risk of developing diabetes
  • Assess your intake of alcohol and sugar
  • Check your heart rhythm
  • Enter our health raffle
  • Get involved in shaping our services

Find out more in the AGM about our achievements over the past 12 months, our financial performance, and our plans for the future.

Dr Andrew Parson, local GP and Clinical Chair of Bromley CCG, said: “Over the past year we have worked hard as a CCG to put patients first, improve health services in Bromley and deliver our vision of better health, better care and better value. Our AGM provides an excellent opportunity to show the public and our partners some of the work we have done together and our plans for the future.

“All our governing body members are local people, so they all have a real interest in making sure that healthcare services for the people of Bromley are the best that they can be.

“I encourage anyone who wants to find out what the CCG is about and how decisions are made to come along to our meeting. We look forward to hearing your questions about the services that matter to you.”

If you would like any more information about this event or please contact Rachael Lukowska on 01689 866643 or email

 The CCG Annual Report on our website at



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adult community health services in Bromley – SURVEY

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the organisation responsible for planning and paying for many of the health services you will use in Bromley.  The CCG is seeking views from adults who use community health services.   The CCG wants to learn more about their experiences using these services. Whether they are a patient or care for a friend or family member using the services. The feedback will help the CCG ensure that the services meet the needs of people in Bromley.  

You might have already been asked some general questions about these services in a previous surveys. This survey includes some further questions  to better understand your experience and opinions.

Please be assured that all responses to this survey will be anonymous, strictly confidential and will not be attributed to individuals in any way.

You can reach the online survey here or you can take part over the phone by calling 0800 085 4879. 

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Share your views on improving healthcare in Bromley Borough

Over the last year we have been developing plans to improve the way that health and social care is organised and delivered for people in Bromley.   We are doing this for the following reasons: 

  • We want to help you take better care of your health and have the right support to do so. 
  • We want more care to be provided in the community so that you only go into hospital if you really need to be there. 
  • We want to make sure you get high quality care when you need it, from the right service in the right place.
  • We want you to have better joined up care for all your health and social care needs so you don’t have to repeat yourself many times to different people.
  • We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.
  • We need to do this in a way that will make the best use of the money we have to spend on the NHS.

Our plans have been developed with the help of many people including doctors, nurses, health professionals, patients and other staff.   We have come up with a way of providing more joined up care that is focused on the needs of patients and which should help us deliver the improvements required and help people to live longer and healthier lives.  If you want to find out more about these plans, please call 01689 866535 or email .

To help us shape how we deliver these improvements, please help us by completing our survey here.

Dave Moore
Communications and Engagement Manager
Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group

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News from Bethlam Hospital Beckenham

As you may be aware, the trust was recently inspected by the Care Quality Commission and achieved an overall ‘good’ rating with some services rated as ‘outstanding’. More than 100 inspectors visited our services and judged them to be “safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led”. The full report can be found here: if you would like to read it.

 Also, last year, we opened the Bethlem Gallery and Museum. A new space open to the public and free of charge where visitors can view centuries of significant historic artworks and objects together with inspiring contemporary works by current artists and service users.  Since the space opened, we’ve welcomed many visitors and I hope that you will consider going along . More information here:

You may remember that in May 2014 our documentary series Bedlam was awarded a BAFTA television award. Since then, we have been working with Channel 4 and Rare Day (a production company) on a project looking at forensic mental health. We recently started filming at River House, Bethlem Royal Hospital. This will not be a second series of Bedlam, we hope to achieve the same outcomes in terms of successfully breaking down widely-held prejudices surrounding mental illness. The aim is to give members of the public a better understanding of what forensic mental health really means, seen through the eyes of the patients and the staff who care for them. At the moment we don’t have a name or broadcast date for the series, but we will be in touch when we know more.

You can contact the Media Team at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust which runs Bethlam by email for further information.


Best wishes



Sarah Crack

Head of communications and media

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

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Patient and public awareness events on the Mental Capacity Act in Beckenham Nov & Dec 2015

Bromley CCG are holding two patient and public awareness events on the Mental Capacity Act.  The dates are as follows: 

  • 18 November – 6:00pm – 7:30pm – Beckenham Beacon, Harry Lyne Room
  • 8 December – 09:30am – 11:00am – Beckenham Beacon, Meeting Room C

 The Mental Capacity Act is about empowering people to make their own decisions and also how they can make their own wishes known and respected, once they are no longer able to consent for themselves.

These could be people who may have more permanent issues related to capacity such as dementia, learning disabilities, had a stroke, brain injuries  and people who may have more temporary issues related to capacity due to mental health problems or other illnesses. 

Bromley CCG has a responsibility or ensure that we commission services that offer high levels of quality and treatment.  A fundamental element of the commissioning process is that providers understand the Act, apply it to daily practice, have mechanisms in place to monitor their compliance and can demonstrate that the Act is embedded throughout the organisation.

If you would like to attend this event, please register here:


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Care Quality Commission Inspection on PRUH, Orpington Hospital and King’s

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its inspection report for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, following their visit to the Trust in April this year. 

The Trust has been given an overall ‘requires improvement’ rating. Individual sites were also rated; both King’s College Hospital (Denmark Hill) and the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) were rated as ‘requires improvement’, whilst Orpington Hospital was rated as ‘good’. The full reports are available on the CQC’s website at:

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Phlebotomy (Blood) Services in Beckenham and Bromley Borough

Bromley CCG are wanting to hear views from residents about their experiences of using blood taking services, after a referral from their GP. Their aim is to understand how residents currently access blood taking services and if the services are meeting their needs. To have your say, you can complete their survey here

They are also running an evening focus group to get your views on the 20th October, from 6.00-7.00pm. This will be held in the Harry Lyne Room at the Beckenham Beacon. If you would like to attend please email 

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Our Healthier South East London – your views sought.

Have you heard about Our Healthier South East London, which is the five year strategy to improve health and integrated care across south east London. The programme is led by the six NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the region, including NHS Bromley CCG (which covers the Beckenham Beacon) with commissioners from NHS England (London), working in close partnership with local authorities, local providers of care and other partners.

There have been a number of developments in the programme recently, including publication of an ‘Issues Paper’ for local residents and stakeholders.

You can find our more here  Our Healthier South East London

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Survey regarding Mental Health Services in the borough – have your say by Wednesday 26 August 2015

Healthwatch Bromley have asked our Residents’ Association to pass on information about this survey. They are trying to reach as a wide a cross-section of individuals in Bromley borough and are contacting many community groups.

Bromley Mental Health Survey please fill in by 26th August 2015

One in six adults is known to suffer from mental ill-health caused by mild to moderate depression and a range of anxiety disorders. In Bromley, adults can get help for mental health conditions in various ways, of which two are listed here:

a) If you are aged 18 and over, you can self-refer or get your GP to refer you to ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)’ which helps people suffering from depression and a range of anxiety disorders (including panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, excessive worry, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or phobias).

b) If you are struggling to find or stay in work due to your mental health problems and are aged 18+, you can self-refer to Bromley’s Mental Health Employment (MHE) service. They support people in recovery from mental health problems to find or stay in work, by offering personalised flexible services.

Both of these services – IAPT and MHE – are going to be under review as new contracts will be issued in 2016. The organisations that pay for theses service (NHS Bromley CCG and Bromley Council) want to know your views on current services provided by Improving Access to Psychological Therapies and Mental Health Employment. They also want you to help decide future local provision. We, Healthwatch Bromley and Lewisham, has been asked to run this survey with local residents to find out what you think about these services. Healthwatch Bromley gives people a powerful voice locally and nationally, by helping you to get the best out of your local health and social care services. So this covers people who use services now and those who might need to use services, in the future.

Who should fill in the survey? How can you do it?

Your opinion does and will matter. You could be a current IAPT or MHE user. You might have heard about the service informally. You might have a friend or family member who has used it. You might know someone with depression and anxiety who has not wanted to get help. Whatever your viewpoint, please consider filling this survey in, as long as you are aged 18 or over, live or work in Bromley, and want to change things for the better! You have until Wednesday 26th August 2015 to fill it in. We want to know what ‘good’ mental health support looks like for those suffering from depression and a range of anxiety disorders in Bromley, as well as those needing to find work.

Use this website link to fill in the Healthwatch Bromley and Lewisham survey:

Please do pass this email and link to family and friends to complete too. It will take you from 8 to 15 minutes to complete, depending on how much you have to say. The survey provides instructions on which questions to complete, to guide you. Please complete the survey as thoroughly and honestly as possible. You can skip sections that do not apply to you.  If you prefer to attend a focus group, there is one being held at Beckenham Beacon on the 26th August 2015 – you can attend the morning 10-12pm or the afternoon 2-4pm.  Please email for more info. 

What happens next? I have more questions….

All the information you provide is secure and anonymous (If you provide any contact details these will be separated from survey results). All responses will come back directly to HWBL to be collated, analysed and put into a report for NHS Bromley CCG. You can ask for a copy of this at the survey end. Lastly, when you reach the end of the survey, you will find information listed on local and national support for people struggling with depression or anxiety disorders

If you want to call someone to discuss this survey or get someone to ask you the questions by phone, please email or leave a message on 07511 774613.

If you have questions about broader issues raised by this survey, please call HWBL on 020 8315 1916.

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Launch of NHS Issues Paper in Bromley – ‘Our Healthier South East London’ – have your say.

The Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working with our five neighbouring CCGs (Bexley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark) to develop a health commissioning strategy for south east London.

The programme, called ‘Our Healthier South East London’,  has launched an Issues Paper setting out why things need to change in the local NHS, some of their emerging ideas and considerations, and questions for the local people to respond to if they wish. It can be viewed online at:

This is not a public consultation document, it is a paper summarising the Bromley CCG’s early thinking on health issues facing the borough. Local people can make comment directly to the Bromley CCG by email to



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Opportunity to join the Patient Advisory Group at the Beckenham Beacon

The Bromley Clinical Commissioning group located in the Beckenham Beacon are looking for local people to join their Patient Advisory Group (PAG) to help shape health services in Bromley Borough.

There are plenty of ways to get involved. From completing a quick online survey, to being part of a focus group that will meet to discuss a particular health topic, you will play a vital role in improving the overall experience of healthcare in Bromley for patients and the public.

For more information, and to join, visit:
Or contact

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London Borough of Bromley Pharmacy Survey

Bromley Council will be undertaking a detailed ‘Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment’ later in the year. The assessment forms part of a regular review carried out for NHS England to inform decisions about meeting the future pharmacy needs of those who live or work in a particular area.

To help carry out the review Bromley Council would like to invite residents and those who work in the borough to tell them about the pharmacy services they use in the borough. The survey can be found at the link below.

Pharmacy Survey 

The results of the survey will form the draft ‘Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment’ and  the Council will consult on this in October 2014.


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“Tennis for Free” in Beckenham

This scheme run by the Park Langley Club allows you and your family to play tennis for free in Kelsey Park, Croydon Road Recreation Ground and Kings Hall Road.

There is a one off payment of £25 covering the period until end of August 2015. This payment covers all members of the family and includes the cost of the fob that gets you onto the courts. All courts are booked on-line and booking is free of charge.

To find out more check out

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Review of Neurology Services – local feedback from patients and carers needed

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)  is currently reviewing the Neurology Services across the borough and is seeking the view of patients and carers about the current service. Currently Neurology Services are delivered in a range of healthcare settings and while the individual services are good, the feedback suggests that they are fragmented and do not provide seamless care.  Those affected locally are encouraged to provide feedback as over the coming months the CCG and Kings College Hospital are looking at what additional services can be provided from the Beckenham Beacon.

To provide feedback please answer the following questions and return by email to either Astrid Holness ( or Bhumika Mittal (

Neurology Services Feedback

  • What Neurological condition does your family have experience of?
  • How old is the patient?
  • What services do you access for family members?
  • What are your views of the services?
  • What things are working well?
  • What things can be improved?
  • As a carer do you feel supported? If so, by which agency; if not, tell us what you would like to see happening
  • What happens to your family member if you become unwell?


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Carers Bromley Jan/Feb 2014 Newsletter

Check out the latest edition at the link below.


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Beckenham Beacon Stakeholder Discussion Group Meeting May 2013

In May we attended the first Beckenham Beacon Stakeholder Discussion Group. We would like to think this group was a result of the Public Meeting our Association held with West Beck RA about the future of the Beacon in Nov 2012 and the huge turn out of residents – your support really made a difference. Apologies for being late on reporting this, but there was a delay on the Minutes.

The main purpose of the Group is to review current health services provided at the Beckenham Beacon and consider how these services (and others) can be developed to fully utilise the site. The Group mainly consists of health professionals and GPs, and both our Association and West Beckenham Residents’ Association attend to represent residents. The Beacon is currently occupied by the following organisations:

  • Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group 13% (office and meeting space, Patient Referral Centre)
  • South London NHS Trust 45.50% – this is the part that will be taken over by King’s College Hospital (Children’s Outpatients, Pain Clinic office, Physiotherapy & Surgical Appliances, Community Midwives, and offices, some of which are unused)
  • Bromley Healthcare 24.30% (Speech and Language Therapy, Bromley Wellbeing, District Nursing/Health Visiting)
  • Elm House Surgery 9.54%
  • Cator Medical Centre 6.84%
  • Bite cafe 0.74%

There was much discussion on unused space in the Beacon and under utilised space that could be used better. The main question is what to fill it with? The Group has asked us to canvass residents on what services they would like to see in the Beacon:

  • What existing services would you like to see expanded or have longer opening hours?
  • What new services would you like to see in the Beacon?
  • There may also be some services you would prefer to be moved out of the Beacon. Perhaps other sites have better facilities or perhaps you already have to go to another site for one part of your care and would prefer to have all your care done on one site.

The following suggestions and points were raised at the meeting:

  • Concerns were raised that Radiology (xray) and Diagnostics Department may not continue. It was assured that King’s are interested in providing these services but are unsure about the demand, due to a lack of data from SLHT they will need to undertake a scoping exercise. King’s are not intending to expand the Radiology service at this point but it may be an option longer term. It was noted that Radiology could benefit from an improved appointment system. Radiology services should also be open at the weekends, at present patients attending the Minor Injuries Unit or Urgent Care Centre at the weekend have to be sent to the PHUH for an xray.
  • Blood services have no appointment system and consequently patients often experience long waits. It was noted that the Blood services is usually quieter in the afternoon, however patients may not be aware of this. The complexities of implementing an appointment system were discussed, we asked that at minimum there should be morning and afternoon appointment blocks.
  • The children’s blood service should be in the same department as adults, currently children are treated separately. The BCCG is looking into setting up cardiology services, diagnostics and community clinics at the Beacon.
  • Cardiology and cardiac rehab is a top priority to be put into the Beacon.
  • Neurology services will be provided by King’s at the Beacon.
  • It has been raised whether antenatal services remain and the Beacon and King’s have suggested a full scoping exercise to find out demand. • We asked that the Urgent Care Centre have extended hours up to 10pm (12pm was discussed but was not possible).
  • We asked for a Fracture Clinic, noting the long journey to the PRUH for anyone with a fracture and the many sports clubs in Beckenham.
  • We raised the issue of car parking, ie not enough and payment on exit. It was advised that it is unlikely anything can be done as this had been fully explored as part of the new build and that planning restrictions would prevent what is required for a pay on exit system.
  • We raised whether inpatient beds will be provided at the Beacon and it was confirmed that Intermediate beds would not be put at the Beacon as they would require a host of additional services not provided at the site.
  • There is still an Audiology Department but no Audiologist, it was advised that there is scope to improve this as this is under used.
  • Learning Disability service was requested.
  • Sexual Health patients complain of appointment slots and long waits to be seen, extended appointments requested.
  • Dermatology services need extended hours on Saturdays to meet demand.
  • Physiotherapy services requested as Orpington hospital where they are currently provided is closing.
  • Ophthalmology requested as Orpington hospital where they are currently provided is closing.
  • Holiday jabs service requested.
  • One stop Social Care Service requested.
  • Children & Young People Services requested.

This discussion group is your opportunity to have your say about the services provided in the Beacon. Please email us at with your comments and we will pass on your comments to the Group at the next meeting in July

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Carers Bromley’s Apr/May 2013 Newsletter

Check out the newsletter below.


The Spring edition of the Young Carers Newsletter is also available.


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