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Bridge Bar approved for 4am close Temporary Licence.

Bromley Council approves a Temporary Tent notice allowing a 4am closure. The licensing sub-committee decided that it was fair and proportionate to allow the Temporary Event to proceed as the licence holder had demonstrated that they had taken sufficient steps to mitigate any adverse effect on the Crime and Disorder objective.

Read more on the Council’s website here.


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Beckenham Perception of Safety Survey – 7 quick questions – please assist

Bromley Council , the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and the Beckenham Town Team are working to re-qualify Beckenham’s Purple Flag Award (find our more about Beckenham’s Purple Flag status below).

We need your help to understand perceptions of the night-time economy with in the Purple Flag area and feelings of safety. Most grateful if you can take the 2 minute survey below

Beckenham Purple Flag – Perceptions Survey

Beckenhams Purple Flag Story

In February 2014 the Beckenham Town Centre Team (chaired by the Copers Cope Area Residents Association) decided Beckenham should try to achieve the Purple Flag award: the evening economy was often a source of complaint for local people, and the Purple Flag is a great way to make improvements and change perceptions.

The Purple Flag is awarded by the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) to towns and cities that can demonstrate excellence in managing their night-time economy. Similar to the Blue Flag for great beaches and the Green Flag for great parks, the Purple Flag is for towns with diverse and safe evening and night-time economies.

Over the following 12 months a small steering group involving Bromley Council Trading Standards, Bromley Council Licensing, Beckenham Business Association, West Beckenham Residents’ Association, Churches Together, Street Pastors, a representative from Beckenham’s licensed premises and, of course, the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association worked together to make this idea a reality.

In January 2016 Beckenham was awarded the Purple Flag, and at the time was one of only 42 places in the country to have been awarded it. What impressed the awarding body most was the input and collaboration from the two residents’ associations representing local people. The ATCM was so impressed it has asked for Beckenham to be used as a case study to demonstrate the importance of resident groups in town centre management. Beckenham is the first town to be awarded the flag as a result of joint efforts from residents, businesses, and the Council – usually applications are driven by the council or businesses.

The ATCM were also impressed by the diverse offering of Beckenham’s evening economy. They especially liked the programme of events at St Georges Church, the mix of old pubs and new bars and the variety of restaurants. The Alleyway Naming Project  (delivered by the Copers Cope Area Residents Association with much support from the Town Centre Team) was another area that sparked their interest and demonstrated a local interest in heritage and the plan to make these alleyways attractive and safer, especially at night.

So what did it take to get the flag?

There were many walk-arounds by volunteers from 5pm to 1 or 2am to assess how well the town centre coped with increased clientele at the weekend in the restaurants and bars. Local people and some patrons, door personnel, and bar/restaurant staff were surveyed for their views on Beckenham’s night-time economy. The key areas of concern included:

  • Dispersing crowds on Friday and Saturday nights – noise and potential for anti-social behaviour.
  • Queues for taxis, and the Kebab shop queues after the clubs had shut.
  • Radio and CCTV capacity to ensure the police and licensed premises could deal with any anti-social behaviour quickly and efficiently.
  • Street cleaning of the town centre through the weekend evenings to ensure the town remained pleasant for all.

As part of the application for the Purple Flag the following was achieved:

  • The radio system was upgraded and all licensed premises signed up ensuring licensed premises and the Police could remain in contact throughout the night.
  • A taxi queuing system was introduced by New Regency Cars to streamline the queues for taxis on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Taxi marshalls have been deployed at Regency cars and at the taxi rank outside Marks & Spencer.
  • Door staff have been retrained to spot and aid vulnerable people leaving the clubs (eg those who have had too much to drink).
  • The Kebab shop on The Bridge now employs a door-person on Friday and Saturday nights to keep order.
  • The location of CCTV was reviewed to ensure the views were maximized.
  • Wellbeing packs were provided to all late night establishments to ensure they had the minimum kit to deal with revellers who had over indulged.

The most telling sign of success was last Christmas when the number of incidents related to late night drinking fell significantly in Beckenham whilst the rest of the borough saw an increase.

Purple Flag status lasts for two years and the town will need to maintain and hopefully improve standards in order to re-qualify.


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Bridge Bar applies for 4am licence – comments to Council by 10 May 2017

The Bridge Bar (formerly known as Langtry’s) by Beckenham Junction Station has made an application to extend its trading hours from 2am to 4am. If granted the Bridge Bar would be the latest open nightclub in the borough.

Local comments must be made by 10 May 2017.

Comments must make reference to one or more of the Council’s Licensing Objectives:

  • Crime and disorder
  • Public Nuisance
  • Public safety
  • Protection of children from harm

Comments can be made online, by email or in writing  at the details below.  Please ensure your quote your full address including post code and the licensing reference 17/00282/LAPRE.



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Cafe applies for Alcohol Licence and extended hours

A licensing application has been lodged for Raggios Cafe 42A High Street Beckenham BR3 1AY to sell alcohol onsite till 11pm and play recorded music.

Further information can be found online on the Council’s website at the link below.

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New restaurant to open at 142 High Street – Lale Zar

A licensing application has been lodged to open a new restaurant where the Fireworks shop used to be, next to Sense Charity Shop. This will also be Turkish restaurant (there is currently an application in for a Turkish restaurant at 241 Beckenham High Street,the old Diamond House Chinese Takeaway). Lale Zar  a Turkish orientated family restaurant has applied for a premises licence and alcohol licence  from 11.00-23.00 daily. 

Further information can be found online on the Councils website at the link below.

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New restaurant to open at 251 High Street

A licensing application has been lodged to open a new restaurant where the Diamond House Chinese restaurant used to be opposite the war memorial. Hisar Meze Bar will be a 50 seat Turkish resturant with a BBQ pit and bar.


Further information can be found online on the Councils website at the link below.;jsessionid=277E2239756D9DA81689293137545750?action=firstPage

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Sainsbury’s applies for licence to open 24 hours

Beckenham Sainsbury’s has made an application to open 24 hours, including selling alcohol every day from 6am till midnight). Further information can be found on Bromley Council’s website at the link below.

Sainsburys 24 hours opening

Any residents who wish to comment on a licensing  application must do so by 12 March 2013 by writing or email ( You must ensure that you quote the licensing reference 13/00096/LAPRE and provide your full name and address including your post code.  Failure to provide these details will mean your comments will not be accepted. Note: representations must be made on one or more of the 4 licensing objectives (crime and disorder / public nuisance / public safety / protection of children from harm).

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Odeon Beckenham granted licence to sell alcohol

Objections to granting the Odeon cinema an alcohol licence were raised by residents, police and a Copers Cope Councillor. The licence has been granted and the Odeon may sell alcohol between noon and 22.00.  

Further information about the Council decision can be found below:

Odeon Licence

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Bromley Council Public Consultation on Licensing Policy – comments by 10 Sept 2012

Licensing policy consultation

Our licensing policy has been amended to reflect the changes in law introduced  by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 and the revised guidance issued by the  Secretary of State. We are required to undertake public consultation on any change to the policy.

Main changes

  • The Licensing Authority is now also a Responsible Authority which means that it can now make representations on applications in its own right and can also make applications to review a licence.
  • The council must now suspend a licence if the annual fee is not paid.
  • The policy now refers to the councils guidance to members hearing a review.
  • The section on licensing hours has been revised in light of the Secretary of States guidance
  • Councils will be able to justify licensing decisions as being ‘appropriate’ rather than ‘necessary’ to promote the 4 Licensing Objectives. The policy has been updated to reflect this
  • Copies of licence applications will have to be sent to The Director of Public Health who becomes a Responsible Authority under the Act and can make representations on individual applications.
  • Anyone can now make a representation on a licence application. Previously only people living or working in the ‘vicinity’ of the premises could comment on an application.
  • The section on ‘Diversity and Equality’ has been rewritten
  • The statutory period for formally reviewing the councils Statement of Licensing Policy is increased to five years from three years. This means that our current policy will now need to be reviewed in 2016.
  • The section on applicants for Personal Licences with previous convictions has been revised to allow greater flexibility for licensing subcommittees to grant a licence in exceptional and compelling circumstances.

Temporary Event Notices

  • The key change is to allow Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) as well as the Police to object within 3 working days to a Temporary Event Notice on the basis of all 4 licensing objectives.
  • To give licensing authorities discretion to apply existing licence conditions to a Temporary Event Notice.To allow a limited number of late Temporary Event Notices to be made (i.e. those submitted less than 10 working days, but more than 5 working days, before the beginning of the event) unless there are objections by the Police or EHO’s.
  • To increase the total annual period covered by a temporary event notice in a single premises from 15 days to 21 days per year.
  • The period covered by each Temporary Event Notice has been increased to 168 hours from 96 hours.

You can view or download a copy of the draft statement of licensing policy 2014-16

Your views and how to respond

If you have any comments please make them by 10 September 2012

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Basil Restaurant, Old Police Station, Beckenham – licence granted

Bromley Council have granted the licence for Basil Restaurant. The application was granted the subject to the following hours and conditions:

1. Hours of Operation

  • Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 23.00
  • Friday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:30

2. Sale of alcohol

  • Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 22:30
  • Friday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:00

3. Regulated Entertainment

  • Sunday 13:00 – 17:00 and 19:00 – 22:00
  • Thursday 19:00 – 22:00

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The Bridge Bar

Early in 2011 the Bridge Bar in Beckenham made an application to extend their opening hours from 2am to 3am and to be allowed to increase the number of drinkers in their premises by 100.

Th CCARA objected to these changes as did a number of local residents and, at the hearing, the licensing committee rejected their application. Continue reading

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