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Beckenham Place Park Car Park to Close, 18 March 2019

London Borough of Lewisham announced last Friday that the car park in front of the Mansion at Beckenham Place Park will be permanently closed with effect from today, Monday 18 March until July 2019.

There will be very limited parking during this period, restricted to along the northern Drive between the Beckenham Hill Road entrance and the Mansion, and along the southern Drive between the Mansion and the gates at Beckenham Place Park road.  A one-way system will be in operation along the southern stretch of the Drive, meaning that cars parked there will have to exit via the Beckenham Place Park road gates.

Click here for detailed information by London Borough of Lewisham.


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Coordinated police activity at Beckenham Junction and neighbourhood

Last week saw coordinated police activity by a Met Roads and Transport Unit and railway revenue officers in the roads round Beckenham Junction Station and at the station itself, with road checks for mobile phone use, insurance and/or MOT, and seat belts. At the same time the large group of officers kept a check on the incoming trams, and with colleagues from Transport Revenue stopped fare dodgers coming off both trains and trams.
The combined operation at Beckenham Junction Station produced excellent results according to the Sergeant in charge: “We made one arrest for possession of a lock knife and conducted several stop searches on some known criminals.  Beckenham Junction is a safe community and we are working hard to increase our visibility and presence. This week we deployed with the railway revenue officers; they were kept busy checking tickets and issued about 30 penalty fares (£80).”

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Temporary changes to bus routes in Beckenham – update May 2018

Temporary changes to bus routes in Beckenham (update from Transport for London)

Most bus routes in Beckenham town centre are currently diverted in one direction. This affects routes 54, 227, 354, 367 and N3.

This is due to a programme of one-way road closures of Beckenham High Street by London Borough of Bromley for improvement works. The works are being carried out in phases between February 2017 and late September 2018, and a new phase will start next week.

From Monday 30 April 06:00 the westbound closure of the High Street between Manor Road and Village Way will be extended westwards towards Croydon Road (War Memorial roundabout). This means that bus route 352 will also be diverted (northbound only). 

Route 352 towards Lower Sydenham will:

  • Not serve stops R ‘War Memorial’ on High Street or V ‘Vicarage Drive’ on Rectory Road – these stops will be closed
  • Be diverted via High Street (eastbound / northbound), and Rectory Road, serving stop J ‘Manor Road’ on High Street and temporary stop G ‘Beckenham Junction Station’ on Rectory Road (but not serving stop C ‘Beckenham Junction Station’ on High Street)
  • Continue to serve stop N ‘St Edmund’s Hall’ on Village Way and stop X ‘Bouverie Lodge’ on Blakeney Road as normal

Routes 54, 227, 354, 367 and N3 will remain on their current diversions.

Route 162 returned to its normal route on 26 February 2018.

We plan to return all routes to normal when the works are complete in late September 2018. 

There will be additional short (overnight only) road closures and bus diversions towards the end of the works, for resurfacing. These will be advertised locally.

For more information about these diversions, including a map, please visit .

For more details on the Beckenham High Street works please visit  

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Beckenham High Street Improvements Update 17th July 2107

Improvement Works Update, Monday 17th July, courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works:

Work for weeks commencing the 17th July 2017. 

·         At the corner of Church Avenue and High Street; kerb, drainage and traffic signals work will continue.

·         Kerb laying and paving continuing north from Church Avenue.

·         The construction of the new planters on Beckenham Green will continue.

In order to ensure the completion of Phase 2 on programme Conway’s will be working extended hours to 8pm and at the weekend.

For reference, in the week commencing the 24th July 2017 the paving adjacent the planters is anticipated to commence.

Previous completed works 

·         Footway excavation and sett laying between Belmont Dry Cleaners and The Dance Studio.

·         Construction of the parking bays between The Dance Studio and Lloyds Bank.

The completed scheme 

Feedback from the community has revealed that there are some incorrect preconceptions about the scheme :-

    • The asphalt at Thornton’s Corner is a temporary measure until the granite paving is laid.

    • The High Street will not be pedestrianised. Improvements will however greatly improve the pedestrian environment with wider pavements, improved lighting and more and better road crossings.

     • After the improvements are complete the High Street will revert to two way traffic as prior to the improvements. The larger widenings such as the North-West corner of Thornton’s Corner have been designed to enable the largest road vehicles to comfortably navigate the corner in both directions. Changes to the vehicle stop lines and traffic signalling will enable vehicles to use the reduced road space with minimal impacts on traffic flows.

   • No existing bus stops will be removed from the High Street. All bus stops will however be improved and will become fully disabled accessible. In order to create sufficient waiting space for passengers some bus stops will be located on what is the highway at present. 

    • The scheme will not introduce shared surfaces where the footway and road surface will be on the same level. Throughout the scheme a kerb will be retained and the pedestrian areas will be a traditional pavement above vehicular areas except at crossing places. 

Further information can be found at

A Big Thank You 

Increasingly the project team and FM Conway have been receiving compliments about the improvements and the site contractors. Thank you for these. It is also much appreciated that businesses are working with and acknowledging that the site contractors of FM Conway are endeavouring to minimise disruption as much as possible.

We are aware that the works do cause noise and disruption. FM Conway will try and minimise the space for materials storage outside Beckenham Green as soon as possible. In the meantime thank you for your patience if you are affected.

About the scheme 

The scheme is designed to make the town more attractive to visitors and shoppers by day and night. A major objective is to support existing businesses and encourage new businesses to invest in the town centre. The High Street investment improvements will create a more attractive and safer pedestrian environment. Improvements will include new paving and road surfacing, improved and attractive lighting, improved road crossings and bus waiting facilities, better facilities for cyclists and improved amenity spaces including Beckenham Green.

Extensive planning and consultation has been carried out since the scheme was proposed in 2012. The cooperation and input of the ‘Town Centre Team’ and its members including the Beckenham Business Association, The Beckenham Society and the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association is gratefully acknowledged, with their input key in shaping the nature of the scheme.

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Beckenham Improvement Work Update 3rd April 2017

Improvement Works Update, Monday 3rd April, courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works:


Beckenham Improvements work update

Work for the week ahead 

Work on the raised footway between the Nat West and the steps will be completed.

Customers requiring the ATM will have to access this via the steps on the lower section of the High Street.

Works underway outside Kinleigh Estate Agents will be completed by early next week together with the work on the opposite corner adjacent to Beckenham Green. All barriers will be removed at both of these points by early next week.

Work will continue along the section of the High Street between Albemarle Rd and Bromley Rd but will temporarily stop just short of the Church Entrance in preparation for Easter celebrations.

Work to replace the pedestrian refuges at the junction of Rectory Road and High Street will commence as part of the upgrade work, in preparation for resurfacing the road at the end of April.

Work on the lower section of the High Street below the steps next to Coppers will start week beginning 10/4 but residents and retailers affected will be notified in advance to discuss access requirements to the shops and private car park entrances and potential alternative arrangements.

Second week update report

Beckenham Junction works have proceeded in line with expectations. Paving and kerbing work is now almost complete.

The High Street arm of the junction has now been adjusted bringing the approach to the traffic lights back to two lanes, with the traffic light re-sequenced. Traffic queuing has generally been reduced and traffic continues to be able to turn right into Southend Road from Albemarle Road. Work on the Thai Restaurant Corner and around into Rectory Rd has been completed and all barriers have been removed. Work on the raised footway between Coppers Restaurant and the Spa have been completed and the steps reopened.

About the scheme

The scheme is designed to make the town more attractive to visitors and shoppers by day and night. A major objective is to support existing businesses and encourage new businesses to invest in the town centre. The High Street investment improvements will create a more attractive and safer pedestrian environment. Improvements will include new paving and road surfacing, improved and attractive lighting, improved road crossings and bus waiting facilities, better facilities for cyclists and improved amenity spaces including Beckenham Green.

Extensive planning and consultation has been carried out since the scheme was proposed in 2012. The cooperation and input of the Beckenham Business Association and the Copers Cope Resident Association is gratefully acknowledged, with their input key in shaping the nature of the scheme.

Sign up for regular newsletter updates

Businesses and interested residents who want to follow the progress of the work over the next 18 months can sign up for the regular updates that will be sent. Visit to do this where the latest detailed traffic diversions are listed including information about bus routes and a link to TfL’s website

Thank you for your understanding and support

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance if there are unforeseen issues which need to be resolved. If further specific information is needed, please contact Conway’s Helen McConnell who can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.

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Mini Roundabout Work Copers Cope Rd due to start Mon 6 March 2017

Works are due to start at the Junction of Copers Cope and Bridge Roads to install a new mini roundabout, pedestrian refuges and associated signage and surfacing. Weather permitting the contractors will commence resurfacing this Monday 6th March. 

The work will necessitate the closing of Bridge Rd. for approximately 2 days and redirecting traffic. 

Given the current road works at Beckenham Junction this will have a major impact on local traffic, particularly causing congestion in Southend Rd, Blakeney Rd and at Beckenham Junction.

Bromley Council confirm that traffic engineers will make sure that all necessary signage is in place and attempt to keep disruption to a minimum.

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Subway repairs New Beckenham Station – daily closure 9am to 3.30pm starting 20 Feb 2017 for up to 3 weeks.

Network Rail need to complete some essential maintenance within the subway at New Beckenham Railway Station and it will be necessary to close the footpath subway between Park Road and Lennard Road. The footpath will be closed from Monday 20th February 2017 for up to three weeks during off peak times 09:00-15:30, the footpath will be open at all other times, so will not affect the peak travelling times when the station is at its busiest.

Pedestrians will be given an alternative route via Copers Cope Road, Bridge Road, Kings Hall Road in both directions while the subway is closed.


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Save Thameslink rail services from Beckenham Junction (and succeeding Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill, West Dulwich stations)

Letter from the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association to save Thameslink rail services from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge and beyond.

To: Bob Stewart MP, Gareth Bacon  (GLA Bexley and Bromley)

CC: Jim Dowd  MP,  Helen Hayes MP, Forence Eshalmo (GLA Lambeth and Southwark), Stephen Carr (Leader Bromley Council), local ward Councillors.

Dear Bob Stewart MP and Gareth Bacon (GLA)

You may be aware of the current consultation by Govia on its proposed changes to its timetable that will be operated by GTR in 2018 following the completion of the Thameslink Programme (see

The proposals cut out existing services from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond via the Thameslink Core (the 2 way track between Blackfriars and City Thameslink).  This affects services from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Southwark.

We are seeking your help in challenging these proposals to retain these very important rail services for Beckenham. I refer you to a petition of nearly 800 local people campaigning to ‘Save train services from Beckenham Junction/Kent House/Penge East to St Pancras and beyond’ (see: I expect this petition will grow significantly in the coming weeks as more commuters become aware their train service will cease.

As there is now a new Minister for Transport, new London Mayor and plans to bring some London metro rail services into TfL there is an opportunity to review rail services in the South East and the decision to remove Thameslink services from Beckenham.

Currently there are 6 services that run from Beckenham Junction through the Thameslink Core daily Monday to Friday:

·       4 morning services (leaving Beckenham at 07:14 7:44, 8:02, 08:41)

·       2 evening services (returning to Beckenham at 17:18 and 18:19)

The removal of these services is not part of this current consultation by Govia on their timetable. But please be aware that there is significant local opposition and many commuters have not yet been informed that their services are going to be removed by May 2018. These 6 weekday services are essential for local people and are relied upon. This is evident by how well they are used – almost all the seating taken when the train leaves Beckenham Junction in the morning.


·       Our Association first became aware of the proposed cessation of Thameslink services from Beckenham in May 2014 when the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern (TSGN) was franchise announced.

·       Previously in the summer of 2012 the government held a consultation called “Consultation on the combined Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise”. As part of this seemingly franchise/contract related consultation the routes from South London through the Thameslink Core were discussed.  Local rail users of this route were not proactively consulted and so they were not aware that only some of the services among those from Sutton, Wimbledon, Ashford via Maidstone East, Rochester, Sevenoaks, Orpington, Beckenham Junction and Kent House would proceed through the Thameslink Core to St Pancras and beyond.  In other words,  many were not aware this consultation would axe some services. It is documented in the proposal that Network Rail recommended rail services from Wimbledon Loop should terminate at Blackfriars and not go through the Core. 

·       Despite this recommendation by Network Rail a decision was made that trains from Wimbledon will go through the Core at the expense of those from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich. We understand that local government in Wimbledon were successful in lobbying for their services to go through the Core –  Beckenham residents lost out.

·       In Aug 2014 Govia confirmed that “The specification for the new Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise, drawn up by the Department for Transport following a public consultation, required us to operate Wimbledon Loop services through the Thameslink Core. This, combined with other destinations required to be served by Thameslink trains, meant it was not possible to plan for trains from Beckenham Junction to operate through the Thameslink Core post 2018.”

The Department of Transport is stopping Govia or any other train operator (like Southeastern) running trains from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond. Further there are no guarantees that services will be retained from Beckenham Junction terminating at Blackfriars (the station before the Thameslink Core).

It does not seem reasonable that Wimbledon is given all the Thameslink services whilst a critical rail service is completely removed from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich. Surely there is capacity for these stations to retain their 6 daily services Thameslink services?

I trust we can be assured your support in reaching out to the relevant decision makers (London Mayor, DfT, TfL, Govia, Network Rail, Southeastern etc). I have also forwarded this email to MP’s, GLA Member and Councillors that cover the other stations affected and hope they too will offer their support.

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Update on Southend Road closure/works

Bromley Council advise that Thames Water are making good progress and if they come across no problems are hoping to have the road re-opened by Thursday evening (03/11/2016). Thames Water did find two further sewer faults last week and fixed these within the closure which has prevented them needing to come back on another occasion to fix.

This week the Council have installed temporary three way lights at the junction with Copers Cope Road and Bridge Road to manage the congestion and also allow pedestrians to cross. They continue to monitor the diversion route.

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162 Bus will have increased frequency from 19 March 2016

From Saturday 19 March there will be improvements to bus route 162, which runs between Beckenham Junction station and Eltham station. This is in order to improve reliability and meet increased customer demand.

 The improvements will be as follows:

·       During Monday to Friday daytimes and Saturday shopping hours, buses will run every 15 minutes (currently every 20 minutes)

·       During Sunday shopping hours and on all evenings, buses will run every 20 minutes (currently every 30 minutes)

A new timetable will be introduced on all days of the week, with some journeys departing earlier or later. Details can be found on our Journey Planner.


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Bakerloo Extention Proposal Update – no immediate plans to extend to Beckenham

TfL have published an Options Assessment Report for the Bakerloo line extension that considers the feedback of the 2104 public consultation including alternative routes proposed by the public.

The upshot for Beckenham is that whilst an extending the Bakerloo to Beckenham and Hayes has not been ruled out it will not proceed in the immediate future. TfL need to work out the impact of converting the Hayes railway line into the Bakerloo and whether doing this best meets rail demands for this part of the Borough in the future and the capacity for housing/commercial development along any Bakerloo extension to Beckenham, West Wickham and Hayes to fund the extension. The latter was a significant concern for local people that were opposed to the extension.

TfL propose that phase 1 will be extending the Bakerloo from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham via the Old Kent Road. Having 2 branches to Lewisham via the Old Kent Road and via Camberwell was ruled out, however TfL are investigating the possibility of re-opening the Camberwell Thameslink Station.

You can read the  Options Assessment Report for the Bakerloo line extension  online at


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TfL responses to Bakerloo extension issues

TfL have published their response to issues raised by local people about the proposed extension.  Below is an extract of the report relating to Beckenham.  The full report can be found at:

8.1 Beckenham Junction and Hayes already have sufficient public transport links & 8.2 The proposed route duplicates the current Hayes branch

The option of extending a Bakerloo line onto the current Hayes branch has been proposed for three key reasons:

  • The trains that currently operate on these lines could be reallocated elsewhere to provide greater capacity on other rail lines.
  • Converting the Hayes branch to London Underground is expected to increase the frequency of services and most journey times could reduce. For more information see Appendix C – Proposed Bakerloo line extension (to Hayes and Beckenham Junction) frequency in comparison to current rail services and Appendix D – Estimated journey times with a proposed Bakerloo line extension.
  • Converting the Hayes branch to London Underground and utilising the existing infrastructure is currently expected to cost less than installing new infrastructure for the proposed extension beyond Lewisham.

The conversion of the Hayes branch to London Underground was also suggested by Network Rail in the Kent Route Utilisation Strategy (2010) for the rail network from London into Kent.

As part its long term planning process, Network Rail is commencing a Route Study for the Kent region in 2015. This study, which is anticipated to be completed in 2016, includes consideration of the Hayes line branch TfL will work with Network Rail and other industry partners during this study to understand the options that exist for improving capacity More information about Network Rail’s planning work is available online at:

8.3 Extending beyond Lewisham is cost prohibitive

Extending the Bakerloo line beyond Lewisham to Hayes and Beckenham Junction could be achieved by converting the existing National Rail branch to London Underground. Without this existing infrastructure, a longer extension would have a higher total cost.

8.4 Tube access is not required as far as Beckenham Junction and Hayes

The Central, Piccadilly, Northern, District and Metropolitan lines all have stations at a similar distance, or further away, from central London than the Hayes station.

An Underground extension could improve the frequency of services to locations along the route of the proposed extension, as shown in Appendix C – Proposed Bakerloo line extension (to Hayes and Beckenham Junction) frequency in comparison to current rail services and in Appendix D – Estimated journey times with a proposed Bakerloo line extension.

8.5 Extending the line to Beckenham Junction and Hayes could lead to overcrowding on the Bakerloo line

The Bakerloo line offers an opportunity for an extension as it has spare capacity and this is forecast to continue following the planned line upgrade.

For more information see Appendix E – Future crowding forecast for Underground and DLR, 2031. In addition, the Bakerloo line is planned to operate up to 27 trains per hour (tph) following its upgrade. Modern systems provided by this upgrade might have the capability to enable service levels above 27 tph – the Victoria and Jubilee lines both achieve train service frequencies of over 32 tph. As option development work continues, demand modelling will be reviewed and updated.

8.6 Preference to extend the Bakerloo line to Beckenham Junction or Hayes (one or the other, but not both)

Extending the line to either Beckenham Junction or Hayes would require the proposed extension taking over the Hayes National Rail branch south of Lewisham. As National Rail services that currently serve these destinations would be reallocated, if the proposed underground extension terminated at Beckenham Junction and did not serve the terminus at Hayes, stations south of New Beckenham would lose a rail service.

Currently, there are no timetabled services on the Hayes to Lewisham National Rail branch to or from Beckenham Junction. If the proposed extension only served the Hayes Page 24 of 40 terminus and not Beckenham Junction, there would not be a loss in rail services for existing passengers. However, a proposed extension also serving Beckenham Junction could provide an interchange opportunity with Tramlink and other rail services towards Kent, Dulwich and Brixton.

8.7 Concern that the proposed extended Bakerloo line would not have the same capacity and provision that current National Rail train services provide, i.e. passenger capacity and bicycle carriage.

Although London Underground trains are smaller than National Rail trains, they operate at a high frequency, and therefore can provide high overall capacity.

The extension option to Hayes was based upon an estimated service of 27 trains per hour (tph) between Elephant & Castle and Catford Bridge, 21 tph between Catford Bridge and New Beckenham, six tph between New Beckenham and Beckenham Junction and 15 tph between New Beckenham and Hayes.

The table below shows how the capacity of London Underground Bakerloo line train services compares to existing National Rail services to Hayes. Currently the Hayes National Rail branch receives two Cannon Street services consisting of 12-car Class 376 Electrostar trains and four Charing Cross services consisting of 10-car length Class 465 or 466 train types. The 465 train has been used in the table below as it has the higher total capacity.

The table shows that on the Hayes branch there would be a slight reduction in seated capacity between Hayes and New Beckenham but an increase in total capacity.

Beckenham Junction would benefit from new regular train services of at least six tph. From New Beckenham to Lewisham, there would be an increase in seating capacity and an increase in standing capacity for users of the line compared to the existing services that operate. If the 10-car trains that currently operate were lengthened to 12-car, seated capacity would still be lower than the proposed Bakerloo line service.

Note: the table below assumes the current forecast capacity of a Bakerloo line train following a planned upgrade to trains. The train timetabling estimates are also subject to further development.


Foldable bikes are permitted on the entire Underground network at any time of the day. Non-folded bikes are currently permitted on above-ground sections of the Underground network outside the peak times of 0730 to 0930 and 1600 to 1900 hours. Based upon this current policy, non-folded bicycles would be permitted between Ladywell and Hayes outside of these peak times as this extension option is expected to run at surface.

8.8 What will the train timetable be for services to and from Beckenham Junction and Hayes

Planning for the extension has assumed an estimated service pattern of 15 trains per hour (tph) to Hayes and six tph to Beckenham Junction. A further six tph is assumed to reverse at Catford Bridge, making 27 tph on the extension north of Catford Bridge into central London.

Trains would be scheduled to service termini and intermediate stations in a regular service pattern to manage demand and provide predictable departures. The service assumptions for any proposed Bakerloo line extenison option would be developed in more detail as part of future work.

8.9 Suggestion to tunnel all the way to Beckenham Junction and Bromley, rather than taking over the Hayes branch

Constructing an extension in a tunnel would be more expensive than converting the existing rail corridor. For this reason, it is likely that a tunnelled extension beyond Lewisham would represent lower value for money.

Further, a tunnelled extension would not provide the potential capacity benefits elsewhere on the rail network. One of the key drivers of the proposed extension is converting the Hayes line so the current National Rail services on this line can be reallocated.

8.10 Concerns regarding disruption that may be caused to services during construction

Subject to construction methodology, it would be TfL’s aspiration to maintain a rail service on the Hayes National Rail branch during construction.

8.11 Oppose a Tube extension serving Hayes and Beckenham Junction as this would lead to too much new development

An extension to Hayes and Beckenham Junction has been proposed because it can improve the rail services on the line by increasing their frequency and capacity.

Further, by converting the line to London Underground, trains that currently operate on these lines could be reallocated elsewhere to provide greater capacity on other rail lines, helping to support future growth in southeast London.

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TfL official consultation on 352 and 354 Bus service on a Sunday – have your say by Friday 10 July 2015

TfL have responded to months of lobbying from the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association, West Beckenham Residents’ Association, the‘354 on a Sunday Campaign’  and many local people for a Sunday service on the 352 and 354 with an official consultation. TfL propose introducing a Sunday service on both routes in September 2105.

We encourage all local people to support the proposal, please do so at the link below by Friday 10 July 2015.

There is also a postal address for comments by mail you may wish to pass on to neighbours not online:

Consultation Team
Transport for London
10th Floor, Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NJ
Consultation Team


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Southeastern consultation on draft 2016 rail timetable – have your say by 26 June 2015

Consultation on the August 2016 timetable

The Thameslink Programme and London Bridge station rebuild mean that at the end of August 2016 platforms 1, 2 and 3 will close and Cannon Street trains will no longer stop at London Bridge until January 2018.Charing Cross trains will, however, resume stopping at London Bridge with platforms 7, 8 and 9 back in service.

The draft timetable is available for consultation online from Monday 18 May for six weeks. Please provide your feedback before Friday 26 June to:

Your feedback will help Southeastern make changes where possible to the August 2016 timetable.

Proposed changes to the Hayes Line

  • The 07.43 Hayes to Charing Cross service is diverted to Cannon Street;
  • The 08.10 Hayes to Charing Cross service is re-timed to start at 08.13 and will cease to call at Lewisham (to allow pathway for a diverted Greenwich line service);
  • Off peak Cannon Street to Hayes services are diverted to Charing Cross and will call at London Bridge and Waterloo East.

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Consultation results of the Bakerloo Extension to Beckenham

The consultation report is now available online, see the full report at, and for feedback on  extending the Bakerloo to Beckenham Junction and Hayes see Chapter 9 of the report.

TfL find that a  small majority of 56% support extending the Bakerloo to Beckenham Junction and Hayes and have summarised the feedback as follows:

  • There were 14,022 closed responses to Question 15, where respondents were asked to state their level of support, ranging from strongly support to strongly oppose, for the proposal to terminate the line at Hayes and Beckenham Junction. A total of 56% either support or strongly support the option of terminating the line at Hayes and Beckenham Junction, while 11% either oppose or strongly oppose. Over 30% of respondents neither support nor oppose the proposal.
  • In total 3,453 respondents provided a valid response to Question 16, where respondents were asked to provide further views or comments. This equates to 25% of all Question 15 respondents. Of the 3,453 responses to Question 16, 62% stated that they either support or strongly support the proposal to terminate at Hayes and Beckenham Junction, while 21% either oppose or strongly oppose and 16% of respondents neither support nor oppose.
  • Of the supporting responses, the comment most frequently mentioned is that ‘the further the line goes, the better / better to go beyond Lewisham as it is already well served’ comment, as stated by 16% of respondents. The proposed extension to Hayes and Beckenham Junction is considered ‘much needed, useful and beneficial’ to 8% of respondents, while the lack of London Underground access in southeast London is also stated as a reason for support by 8% of respondents. The role of the extension in regeneration and attracting new business is stated by 8% of supportive respondents.
  • Of the comments opposing the Hayes and Beckenham Junction termini option, 17% do so because they perceive that the Bakerloo line definitely needs to go to Bromley, while 13% oppose the proposal if it means the loss of direct connections to London rail termini. Eight percent of respondents expressed that the line needs to go further than Hayes and Beckenham Junction.  
  • Of the respondents who neither support nor oppose, 9% stated that the line needs to reach Bromley in addition to Hayes, and that failure to do so would be a missed opportunitySee chapter 9 of the report for more information on the survey responses for Beckenham Junction and Hayes.

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TfL confirm proposals for Sunday Service on 352 and 354 from September 2015

The  Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and West Beckenham Residents’ Association have been in contact with James Cleverly’s Office (Greater London Authority) for many months lobbying for a Sunday service on the 352 and 354.  Mr Cleverly’s Office has provided us confirmation from Peter Bradley, TfL’s Head of Consultation, that TFL “Have recently awarded new contracts for the operation of routes 352 and 354.  As part of the contract award and subject to the outcome of formal consultation (which will commence in May 2015), we are proposing that both routes will run on Sundays and Public Holidays, with a provisional start date of September 2015”.

This is great news for Beckenham bus users. We will let you know when the consultation is available for local people to comment.


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Good news – Sunday service for the 354 Bus Route being evaluated.

The Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association has been working closely with the organisers of the ‘354 on a Sunday Campaign’ as well as lobbying the London Mayor’s Office directly. Boris Johnson has responded positively  to the campaign…  “I fully appreciate there is a strong local desire to see bus route 354 operated seven days a week. Transport for London (TfL) would like to offer a Sunday service on bus route 354. As I am sure you will understand, in order to do this it has to ensure that the extra subsidy needed demonstrated good value for money.”

TfL are currently evaluating the value for money and a decision is expect by the end of February.

Our Association continues to lobby for a Sunday service on the 352 bus route.  Please sign the petition below:


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Beckenham trains to Charing Cross will not stop at London Bridge from 12 January 2015 until August 2016

Southeastern services  for New Beckenham, Clock House, Elmers End and Eden Park to and from Charing Cross will not call at London Bridge from 12 January 2015 until August 2016 due to the London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project.



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Bakerloo to Beckenham? A survey of local people.

Beckenham residents will be the most affected by a Bakerloo Line extension to Hayes with 5 stations (New Beckenham, Clock House, Elmers End, Eden Park and Beckenham Junction) included in the proposal. Our survey seeks your feedback so our Residents’ Associations can ensure Bromley Council’s response to Transport for London (TfL) reflects the views of the people of Beckenham.  Bromley Council, Lewisham Council and Southwark Council will all be lobbying TfL and the Mayor to get the best outcome for their residents. We want to be sure Beckenham is heard.
You should also complete the official TfL consultation located online at


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Bakerloo Tube Extension to Beckenham – Public Consultation ends 7 Dec 2014

TfL plan to extend the Bakerloo line to Beckenham and Bromley. It will cost £2-3 billion, work would start in 2023 finishing by 2030 and it will need private funding from developers building residential and commercial developments along the proposed extension. A public consultation is underway and ends on 7 December 2014.  Local people can have their say at:

Bakerloo MapWhat will it mean for us?

This depends on which option TfL implement:
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Lewisham only.
Local residents can change onto the Tube at Lewisham. There will be no change to existing rail services from Beckenham, West Wickham, Bromley and Hayes.
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Hayes and Beckenham Junction
The Tube will run along the Charing Cross to Hayes rail line and the existing overground Southeastern Rail service will be lost. Residents travelling to London Bridge and Cannon Street who previously used South Eastern will need to change from the Bakerloo line to National Rail at Lewisham.  For Beckenham Junction existing National Rail services to Victoria and London Bridge will remain unchanged, the Bakerloo line will be an additional service as it will run along the currently unused track to New Beckenham.   There will be more trains if the Bakerloo line is extended. On the Hayes line there would be 15 Tube trains an hour  compared with 4 at present,  and on the Beckenham Junction line there would be 6 tube trains an hour in addition to the current National Rail trains.
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Bromley
This can only happen if the Bakerloo line is extended along the Hayes National Rail line and will involve a new tunnel being dug. The option to go as far as Bromley is only a possibility at this stage, TfL have no commitments to go this far.

What do local people think?

We are keen for your views, please let us know by emailing

We have been flooded with comments about this proposal from local people. The main points raised are listed below. Please let us know any new points so we can share them.
  • More trains per hour.
  • Increased capacity which will be needed by 2030.
  • Shorter journey times claimed by TfL.
  • More flexibility of being on the Tube network.
  • Will bring commerce and business into the local area.
  • Loss of National Rail services and no direct service to London Bridge and Cannon Street.
  • Replacing National Rail from Hayes will free up platforms at London Bridge, our loss – another area’s gain. Why can’t additional trains be run on the existing National Rail line?
  • If rail line is lost it cannot be considered at part of the CrossRail 3 project from SE London to NW London.
  • Arrival at Charing Cross is less convenient underground than current arrival at street level.
  • Tube journey may take longer, slower trains.
  • Tube trains have 25% less seats per carriage and are only 8 carriages long, commuters will more likely need stand.
  • Its is unlikely TfL will run 15 half empty trains per hour  to Hayes, with many trains will stop short closer to London Beckenham and West Wickham residents will not likley see an increase in train frequency.
  • Service disruption due to TfL strikes and no rail option.
  • Unstaffed stations, current policy is to reduce staffing at Tube stations.
  • Lack of amenity on Tube trains, no toilets, less seating, heat in summer, cannot take cycles on.
  • Overcrowding once past Lewisham.
  • Effort of change to National Rail at Lewisham and likelihood of standing for remaining journey into London.
  • Cost, disruption and timescale of the project
  • Over development which cannot be supported.  The plan is for the Bakerloo line to support local development which means more people, more high density housing, and more pressure on local infrastructure such as schools, GPs etc.
  • Change of character of local area – people choose to live in Bromley as it is relatively low rise with green spaces.
  • Does Beckenham West Wickham and Hayes need a Tube line? Will housing and population grown over the next 15 years warrant the Tube. Should the Tube run to high growth areas like Lewisham and  Bromley Town Centre on independent track and in so doing maintaining the capacity of the National Rail line to Hayes.
  • Are there different, less expensive alternatives to improve transport in the borough?

Let’s make this a balanced debate, all points of view welcome, email

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