Market On The Green 20 May 2017, Novelty Dog Competition, Spy Ravens and Little Diamonds,

Market On The Green is back for 2017.  

The 20 May market kicks off with a 4-legged theme, the Beckenham Business Association is running a Novelty Dog Competition. With 8 categories to enter, there’s bound to be at least one category for your furry friend.

  • Best Biscuit Catcher
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Fancy Dress (dog)
  • Cutest puppy (6-12 months)
  • Fastest Sausage Eater
  • Best OAP Dog (over 7 years)
  • Best Trick
  • Longest Eyelashes

Further details and booking information can be found here.

Of course we will have a usual local produce and craft stalls (a full list on our Market page) … many of our favourites are back plus a few new stalls to tempt you.

There will be lots of entertainment, including free live performances on stage.  We are very excited to welcome 2 special acts to the stage….  Spy Ravens and Little Diamonds are two great junior pop bands. A parent from Balgowan Primary School who works in music auditioned for a boy band and girl band (year 5 – 9 year olds) to go into a national competition. The children had to write 3 songs each, which the parent helped produce. Now they will both perform for us at Market On The Green, please come along for 12.30and show your support.

The above information correct at time of writing but may be subject to change.

Subscribe to the Market On The Green mailing list.


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Beckenham Improvement Work Update 24 Apr 2017

Work for week commencing the 24th April.
· Paving and new kerbs will be laid on both sides of Bromley Road. (It is anticipated that these works will be complete in 2-3 weeks).

· Kerb realignment in front of 47 to 71 High Street will be completed.

· Trial holes for new trees in front of 47 to 71 High Street will be dug.

· The new granite paving on the four corners of the junction will be subject to a thorough jet clean prior to the highway resurfacing.

· The High Street / Albemarle Road / Rectory Road / Southend Road junction will be re-surfaced during the hours of 9pm and 4am on the 24th to the 27th April.

Second week update report

· The pedestrian islands at Beckenham junction have been installed.

· The cobbles at the bottom of the steps adjoining Coppers have been re-laid. Kerb realignment in front of 47 to 71 High Street has been commenced.

· Paving between Beckenham Green and the entrance to St Georges Church was completed before the Easter celebrations.

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Beckenham Perception of Safety Survey – 7 quick questions – please assist

Bromley Council , the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and the Beckenham Town Team are working to re-qualify Beckenham’s Purple Flag Award (find our more about Beckenham’s Purple Flag status below).

We need your help to understand perceptions of the night-time economy with in the Purple Flag area and feelings of safety. Most grateful if you can take the 2 minute survey below

Beckenham Purple Flag – Perceptions Survey

Beckenhams Purple Flag Story

In February 2014 the Beckenham Town Centre Team (chaired by the Copers Cope Area Residents Association) decided Beckenham should try to achieve the Purple Flag award: the evening economy was often a source of complaint for local people, and the Purple Flag is a great way to make improvements and change perceptions.

The Purple Flag is awarded by the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) to towns and cities that can demonstrate excellence in managing their night-time economy. Similar to the Blue Flag for great beaches and the Green Flag for great parks, the Purple Flag is for towns with diverse and safe evening and night-time economies.

Over the following 12 months a small steering group involving Bromley Council Trading Standards, Bromley Council Licensing, Beckenham Business Association, West Beckenham Residents’ Association, Churches Together, Street Pastors, a representative from Beckenham’s licensed premises and, of course, the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association worked together to make this idea a reality.

In January 2016 Beckenham was awarded the Purple Flag, and at the time was one of only 42 places in the country to have been awarded it. What impressed the awarding body most was the input and collaboration from the two residents’ associations representing local people. The ATCM was so impressed it has asked for Beckenham to be used as a case study to demonstrate the importance of resident groups in town centre management. Beckenham is the first town to be awarded the flag as a result of joint efforts from residents, businesses, and the Council – usually applications are driven by the council or businesses.

The ATCM were also impressed by the diverse offering of Beckenham’s evening economy. They especially liked the programme of events at St Georges Church, the mix of old pubs and new bars and the variety of restaurants. The Alleyway Naming Project  (delivered by the Copers Cope Area Residents Association with much support from the Town Centre Team) was another area that sparked their interest and demonstrated a local interest in heritage and the plan to make these alleyways attractive and safer, especially at night.

So what did it take to get the flag?

There were many walk-arounds by volunteers from 5pm to 1 or 2am to assess how well the town centre coped with increased clientele at the weekend in the restaurants and bars. Local people and some patrons, door personnel, and bar/restaurant staff were surveyed for their views on Beckenham’s night-time economy. The key areas of concern included:

  • Dispersing crowds on Friday and Saturday nights – noise and potential for anti-social behaviour.
  • Queues for taxis, and the Kebab shop queues after the clubs had shut.
  • Radio and CCTV capacity to ensure the police and licensed premises could deal with any anti-social behaviour quickly and efficiently.
  • Street cleaning of the town centre through the weekend evenings to ensure the town remained pleasant for all.

As part of the application for the Purple Flag the following was achieved:

  • The radio system was upgraded and all licensed premises signed up ensuring licensed premises and the Police could remain in contact throughout the night.
  • A taxi queuing system was introduced by New Regency Cars to streamline the queues for taxis on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Taxi marshalls have been deployed at Regency cars and at the taxi rank outside Marks & Spencer.
  • Door staff have been retrained to spot and aid vulnerable people leaving the clubs (eg those who have had too much to drink).
  • The Kebab shop on The Bridge now employs a door-person on Friday and Saturday nights to keep order.
  • The location of CCTV was reviewed to ensure the views were maximized.
  • Wellbeing packs were provided to all late night establishments to ensure they had the minimum kit to deal with revellers who had over indulged.

The most telling sign of success was last Christmas when the number of incidents related to late night drinking fell significantly in Beckenham whilst the rest of the borough saw an increase.

Purple Flag status lasts for two years and the town will need to maintain and hopefully improve standards in order to re-qualify.


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Bridge Bar applies for 4am licence – comments to Council by 10 May 2017

The Bridge Bar (formerly known as Langtry’s) by Beckenham Junction Station has made an application to extend its trading hours from 2am to 4am. If granted the Bridge Bar would be the latest open nightclub in the borough.

Local comments must be made by 10 May 2017.

Comments must make reference to one or more of the Council’s Licensing Objectives:

  • Crime and disorder
  • Public Nuisance
  • Public safety
  • Protection of children from harm

Comments can be made online, by email or in writing  at the details below.  Please ensure your quote your full address including post code and the licensing reference 17/00282/LAPRE.



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Beckenham Improvement Work Update 3rd April 2017

Improvement Works Update, Monday 3rd April, courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works:


Beckenham Improvements work update

Work for the week ahead 

Work on the raised footway between the Nat West and the steps will be completed.

Customers requiring the ATM will have to access this via the steps on the lower section of the High Street.

Works underway outside Kinleigh Estate Agents will be completed by early next week together with the work on the opposite corner adjacent to Beckenham Green. All barriers will be removed at both of these points by early next week.

Work will continue along the section of the High Street between Albemarle Rd and Bromley Rd but will temporarily stop just short of the Church Entrance in preparation for Easter celebrations.

Work to replace the pedestrian refuges at the junction of Rectory Road and High Street will commence as part of the upgrade work, in preparation for resurfacing the road at the end of April.

Work on the lower section of the High Street below the steps next to Coppers will start week beginning 10/4 but residents and retailers affected will be notified in advance to discuss access requirements to the shops and private car park entrances and potential alternative arrangements.

Second week update report

Beckenham Junction works have proceeded in line with expectations. Paving and kerbing work is now almost complete.

The High Street arm of the junction has now been adjusted bringing the approach to the traffic lights back to two lanes, with the traffic light re-sequenced. Traffic queuing has generally been reduced and traffic continues to be able to turn right into Southend Road from Albemarle Road. Work on the Thai Restaurant Corner and around into Rectory Rd has been completed and all barriers have been removed. Work on the raised footway between Coppers Restaurant and the Spa have been completed and the steps reopened.

About the scheme

The scheme is designed to make the town more attractive to visitors and shoppers by day and night. A major objective is to support existing businesses and encourage new businesses to invest in the town centre. The High Street investment improvements will create a more attractive and safer pedestrian environment. Improvements will include new paving and road surfacing, improved and attractive lighting, improved road crossings and bus waiting facilities, better facilities for cyclists and improved amenity spaces including Beckenham Green.

Extensive planning and consultation has been carried out since the scheme was proposed in 2012. The cooperation and input of the Beckenham Business Association and the Copers Cope Resident Association is gratefully acknowledged, with their input key in shaping the nature of the scheme.

Sign up for regular newsletter updates

Businesses and interested residents who want to follow the progress of the work over the next 18 months can sign up for the regular updates that will be sent. Visit to do this where the latest detailed traffic diversions are listed including information about bus routes and a link to TfL’s website

Thank you for your understanding and support

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance if there are unforeseen issues which need to be resolved. If further specific information is needed, please contact Conway’s Helen McConnell who can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.

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Public meeting tomorrow night – Bromley Trading Standards Talk and Town Centre Improvement Update – 8pm Weds 29 March 2017, Beckenham Public Halls

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Review of a Premises Licence Notice – 210 High Street, Beckenham

The premise opened last December as ’Two-Ten’ opened last December at 210 High Street  is described as a restaurant and ‘hookah lounge’. We have been made aware of  complaints from residents and businesses nearby regarding excessive noise late at night and have been in contact with our Councillors. The Council are currently reviewing the license.

Some residents are frustrated by what appears to be a lack of action by the Council as this issue has been going on for many months.  However the Council have assured that they are actively dealing with the issue and that enforcement and legal action can take time as evidence has to be gathered.

As part of the review an unannounced visit was made to 210 High St Beckenham by uniformed police officers and a number of council officers. The purpose was to ascertain if the business was complying with the licence conditions, noise abatement notice and smoking related requirements. A number of issues were identified;  

  • A breach of the noise abatement notice.
  • Offences relating to smoking legislation.
  • Breaches of the licence conditions were found.

These breaches will form part of the licence review due to be heard on 26 April 2017.

Local people can comment on this review in writing/email ( no later than 3rd April 2017. Further information can be found online at:


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Conway’s Update on Beckenham Improvement Works – 26 Mar 2017

The Beckenham Improvements Works first week concluded . The first week of an initiative to improve Beckenham High Street has successfully been completed. The scheme is designed to make the town more attractive to visitors and shoppers by day and night. A major objective is to support existing businesses and encourage new businesses to invest in the town centre.

The High Street investment improvements will create a more attractive and safer pedestrian environment. Improvements will include:

  • New paving and road surfacing
  • Improved and attractive lighting
  • Improved road crossings and bus waiting facilities
  • Better facilities for cyclists
  • Improved amenity spaces including Beckenham Green

Much planning and consultation has been carried out since the scheme was proposed in 2012. The cooperation and input of the Beckenham Business Association, Copers Cope Resident Association and West Beckenham Residents Association is gratefully acknowledged, with their input key in shaping the nature of the scheme.

Businesses and interested residents who want to follow the progress of the work over the next 18 months can sign up for the regular updates that will be sent. Visit here to do this.

Beckenham is most definitely open for business and the Council’s contractor, Conway, will be liaising directly with local businesses when work is being carried out directly outside a retail business so that the exact nature of the work is understood. At all times, Conway will seek to minimise disruption with traffic arrangements throughout the work specifically designed to ensure that the town can continue to be accessed and visited.

First week update report

Work has proceeded in line with expectations, with work continuing to be finished at the Beckenham Junction and the traffic management measures installed and working reasonably well.

The Council has been monitoring traffic conditions to make sure that vehicles can access the town centre and as part of this, traffic engineers are currently examining whether further measures can be taken to minimise congestion and potential ‘rat running’. Specifically, reports about HGVs using The Drive are being investigated and the potential to rephase the traffic lights at Beckenham Junction are being examined following some reports of traffic queuing, affecting bus journeys and other motorists.

Work for the week ahead

Work on the raised footway between Coppers Restaurant and Spa will be completed by Monday of this week and the steps will be opened up. Excavation work will then take place at the corner of Bromley Rd with High Street by Nat West. Customers requiring the ATM will have to access this via the steps on the lower section of the High Street. .Additional work will be taking place at the junction of Albemarle Rd on the forecourt to Kinleigh estate agents.

Work on the Thai Restaurant Corner and around into Rectory Rd will be completed towards the end of the week, with all barriers then removed, bringing the approach to the traffic lights back to two lane traffic.

Work on the Church Green side of the High Street continues with kerbing being laid and some paving and therefore barriers will remain in place.

Traffic Diversions and Bus Diversions are now in place

Inevitably, traffic management will alter slightly as the scheme progresses, with the objective to minimise inconvenience. Current arrangements are outlined on the Council’s website including information about bus routes and a link to TfL’s website.

Thank you for your understanding and support

This is an exciting time for the town as work gets underway and although every effort will be made to minimise disruption, some disruption at times will be inevitable and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance. If further specific information is needed or it appears that there is an unforeseen problem when the work is underway, Conway’s Helen McConnell can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.

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Bromley Council Tax 2017-18 increase

Bromley Council have set their budget for 2017-18 and this includes Council Tax increases of 1.99% as well as a two per cent hike in the adult social care precept.  However the Council have said that there will be no further cuts to services.

Bromley Times reports that Council leader Cllr Stephen Carr said: “There have been no new cuts in services this year due to our careful handling of the budgets over the past few years, coupled with our robust approach to ensuring services are delivered effectively and efficiently by those best placed to provide them.

“We have, however, had to increase council tax to help balance the budget. In addition a government precept of two per cent is included to help mitigate the impact of the growth in demand for adult social care as our population ages – a particular issue in Bromley which has a larger than average older population.”

The attached document was given to Residents Associations at a Council Meeting late last year and provides further information about the 2017-18 Budget Strategy including graphs which show how little funding Bromley receives from Central Government in comparison to other boroughs.

2017-18 Bromley Budget

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GP, Dentist and Social Care Surveys – let them know your views.

Out-of-hours GP access survey

Have you tried to access services when your GP has been closed?

Healthwatch Bromley is currently exploring the out-of-hours information provided for patients by GP Practices across the London Borough of Bromley.

Out-of-hour services are those provided outside of your GP Practice opening hours.These include urgent care centres, NHS 111, walk-in centres, A&E and extended GP services.

We are collecting local experiences and views of these services and would love to hear from you.

Please fill out the survey here.

Dentist Survey

Healthwatch Bromley is looking for your feedback on local dental services and would be grateful if you could complete our latest questionnaire.

We are particularly interested in understanding accessibility to the service so would still love to hear from you even if you do not use a dental practice.

Please fill out the survey here.

Social Care Survey

Healthwatch Bromley and Healthwatch Lewisham are carrying out a research project across both boroughs, looking into the social care needs and experiences of local people. We are interested to hear people’s experiences on access and referrals, social care assessments and quality of local care provision. We are looking to hear from anyone that receives support from the local authority, ranging from domestic support, direct payments and care packages, to personal care.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey if you have experience of social care in either borough.

Please fill it out by clicking here.  


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Beckenham Junction Works Update and upcoming Bus Diversions

Works at Beckenham Junction are due to finish tomorrow Sunday 12 March 2017.  Work will then start on Phases’ 1 and 2 of the Town Centre Improvement Project.  This will run from Beckenham Green to Thornton’s Corner, Phase 1 (13 March to 4 June) on the Beckenham Green side of the road and Phase 2 (5 June to 25 August) on the Marks and Spencer side of the road.

During this time the following diversions will be in place travelling South/West bound.

  • Route 54 towards Elmers End – from Southend Road’s junction with Rectory Road, turning right onto Rectory Road, then back to its normal line of route from the War Memorial.
  • Route 162 towards Eltham – from Rectory Road’s junction with Southend Road via Albemarle Road, St George’s Road and Bromley Road back to line of route.
  • Route 227 towards Crystal Palace – from Bromley Road’s Junction with Manor Road, travelling ahead on Manor Road, ahead again on High Street before joining its usual line of route.
  • Route 354 towards Penge – from Southend Road’s junction with Rectory Road, turning right onto Rectory Road, joining its normal line of route at the War Memorial.
  • Route 367 towards West Croydon Bus Station – from Bromley Road’s junction with Manor Road, ahead on Manor Road, ahead again on High Street then back to normal line of route.
  • Route N3.: towards Oxford Circus from Wickham Road’s junction with Manor Road, left onto Manor Road, ahead onto High Street then back to normal line of route.

Routes 194, 358 352 are unaffected.

Two temporary bus stops have been installed:

  • Rectory Road (opposite the tram stop), diverted buses will also use existing bus stop W near Vicarage Drive (used by route 352).
  • St George’s Road (stop Z, near Bromley Road) between March and mid-August 2017 for route 162 towards Eltham only.

Further information can be found on the TfL website,

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Bromley Trading Standards Talk, Town Centre Improvement Update and Copers Cope AGM – 8pm Weds 29 March 2017, Beckenham Public Halls

Our AGM and Public Meeting is at 8pm Wednesday 29th March 2017, Beckenham Public Hall, Bromley Road, Beckenham and al open to all local people.

Our guest speaker is  Robert Vale from the Bromley Trading Standards who will be presenting and taking questions on scams and doorstep crimes affecting the residents of Bromley Borough.

Update on the public realm improvement scheme for Beckenham. 

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SGCO Symphonic Greats– 7.45pm Sat 11 Mar 2017, St George’s Church

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Mini Roundabout Work Copers Cope Rd due to start Mon 6 March 2017

Works are due to start at the Junction of Copers Cope and Bridge Roads to install a new mini roundabout, pedestrian refuges and associated signage and surfacing. Weather permitting the contractors will commence resurfacing this Monday 6th March. 

The work will necessitate the closing of Bridge Rd. for approximately 2 days and redirecting traffic. 

Given the current road works at Beckenham Junction this will have a major impact on local traffic, particularly causing congestion in Southend Rd, Blakeney Rd and at Beckenham Junction.

Bromley Council confirm that traffic engineers will make sure that all necessary signage is in place and attempt to keep disruption to a minimum.

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Subway repairs New Beckenham Station – daily closure 9am to 3.30pm starting 20 Feb 2017 for up to 3 weeks.

Network Rail need to complete some essential maintenance within the subway at New Beckenham Railway Station and it will be necessary to close the footpath subway between Park Road and Lennard Road. The footpath will be closed from Monday 20th February 2017 for up to three weeks during off peak times 09:00-15:30, the footpath will be open at all other times, so will not affect the peak travelling times when the station is at its busiest.

Pedestrians will be given an alternative route via Copers Cope Road, Bridge Road, Kings Hall Road in both directions while the subway is closed.


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Benedict House, Copers Cope Road: Proposal for a Residential Support Centre, February 2017

Two applications are currently being considered by London Borough of Bromley’s planning officers proposing the change of use of Benedict house, a former nursing home, to a Residential Support Centre.

LBB’s Director of Housing has provided a briefing document, below, to answer some of the concerns that have been raised so far:

What is the Proposal?

Benedict House has recently been purchased by developers who are seeking to redevelop the site for high quality apartments. Time is required to prepare for redevelopment meaning that Benedict House is likely to be vacant for up to 2 years.  In the interim the developers have offered the opportunity for the LondonBorough of Bromley to utilise the building for up to 2 years for use as temporary accommodation to help meet its statutory rehousing duties.

Why is the accommodation needed by Bromley for use as temporary accommodation?

The number of households presenting at risk of homelessness has increased steadily in recent years. For the majority, the reason for homelessness is that they are experiencing difficulties in affording the increasing costs of renting or buying a home.  A reduction in new build accommodation, increase in private sector rents and changes within social housing has meant that move on housing options havedecreased and the numbers in temporary accommodation has risen to unprecedented levels. This has meant that to meet the level of housing need the Council has had to utilise costly forms of insecure nightly paid accommodation which frequently falls short of requirements in terms of location and quality.  The use of Benedict House for up to 2 years would provide much needed local temporary accommodation whilst longer term housing solutions are identified.

Who decides which people would be placed into Benedict House?

The Council would retain full control over nominations throughout the periodof use. This means that the Council would decide who is placed into the accommodation and for how long.

Would people be placed from outside of the borough?

No, as the Council controls who is nominated only those households with a local connection with Bromley would be eligible. These would be residents who live and/or have permanent employment within the borough.  Prioirty would be given to those households who currently live, work or have children in schooling near to, or on direct transport links to Copers Cope Road.

What type of People will be placed?

Local people, mainly families or couples, who have become homeless throughno fault of their own and to whom the Council owes a statutory duty to assist in rehousing. A full assessment would be undertaken before any household isnominated and only those households who have been assessed as able to fully maintain a tenancy independently where the need is solely for housing rather than support would be eligible to be placed into Benedict House. The scheme would not be open to those people who are deemed vulnerable requiring intensive support to be able to manage a tenancy because of their vulnerability, such as those with enduring mental health needs. The council has alternative specialist support schemes which provide more intensive support for these people.

Who will manage the schemes?

The scheme would be managed by Omega Mears. They already work with the Council sourcing and managing a number of temporary accommodationunits and have a long track record of successful temporary accommodationand tenancy management. It is proposed that 24 hour on site management is provided. Mears would also provide ongoing advice and support to residentsin partnership with the Council to assist households to secure settled accommodation and ensure that they do not become homeless again. For example helping to access employment for those who may not currently be in full time employment.

Would I be able to contact anyone if I had concerns or queries about the Scheme?

Yes, full contact details of the Mears staff and Council’s housing needs team would be made available to all local residents so that they would be able to make contact should they have any queries or concerns at any point.

What type of tenancies would residents have? Can you guarantee that they would have to leave at the end of the 2 years?

All residents would be signed up to a licence agreement. This is a non-secureagreement meaning that they would not hold any interest in the property or have any rights to remain in the long term. The agreement sets out residents’ responsibilities and the conditions they must meet to be eligible to stay in the accommodation. This includes their conduct and the conduct of any visitors to the scheme. As the agreement is not a ‘protected agreement’ it can be brought to an immediate end should any resident or their visitor breach these rules or the Council require vacant possession. In this way conditions can be actively enforced to ensure that the scheme operate successfully without disturbance or disruption for any other residents in the scheme or local community and can ensure vacant possession at the end of the period of use as temporary accommodation.

To view the applications, and submit your own comments, click on the links below:



Remember to include your name and address in any correspondence otherwise your comments will not be registered.

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Residential Support Centre / Hostel proposed on Copers Cope Road, January 2017

Applications have been submitted for proposed change of use of a former nursing home on Copers Cope Road to a Residential Support Centre.

Benedict House, on the corner of Park Road, was in use as a nursing home until last year, when it closed following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission which found it to be inadequate (click this link to read article in the Bromley Times last summer).
Omega Mears, a care service provider, proposes to lease the building from the current owner, Spring Capital Management, with the intention of using it as a ‘residential support centre’ to provide ‘accommodation, care and support services’ for ‘homeless families, vulnerable young adults and emergency housing requirements arising from healthcare needs and other issues’.
Two separate applications have been submitted: the first for a certificate of lawful proposed use (as a residential support centre) ; the second for a temporary change of use from a care home to a residential support centre.  We believe  the purpose of the second application is in case the first one is refused.  Both applications are supported by letters from Bromley Council’s Education, Care & Health Services department.
The letters from LBB EC&HS point to the fact, amongst others, that numbers housed in temporary accommodation has more than doubled in the last five years, hence the increasing requirement for facilities such as this, particularly for parents and children who have become homeless through no fault of their own.
No external alterations are proposed to the building and there is no increase in the number of bedrooms from when it was in use as a nursing home.  There are 41 bedrooms in total: 35 double, 5 single and 1 disabled.  30 bedrooms are ensuite.  Omega Mears have submitted a comprehensive Management Plan and the facility will be supervised 24 hours a day.
You can view both applications in full, including the Council letter and Management Plan, and comment on the proposals by clicking the links below:
CCARA has written to the assigned planning officer and ward councillors requesting  that an informal meeting, or drop-in session, is held by council officers and representatives from the service provider, for residents to gain a clearer understanding of the exact proposals and ask questions in order that an assessment can be made of any areas of concern before the application is considered by the Council’s Planning Committee.

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Beckenham Improvement Scheme – Open Day 20-21Jan 2016 – Speak to Bromley Council about the Scheme


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SCAM Alert – Council call regarding overweight dustbins

Bromley Neighbourhood Watch advise residents be on guard  against  telephone calls claiming to come from the  Council  requesting payment of £25 for overweight dustbins.  So far there have been no reports of this occurring in Bromley, however it has been happening in neighbour Borough Bexley.  

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Save Thameslink rail services from Beckenham Junction (and succeeding Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill, West Dulwich stations)

Letter from the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association to save Thameslink rail services from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge and beyond.

To: Bob Stewart MP, Gareth Bacon  (GLA Bexley and Bromley)

CC: Jim Dowd  MP,  Helen Hayes MP, Forence Eshalmo (GLA Lambeth and Southwark), Stephen Carr (Leader Bromley Council), local ward Councillors.

Dear Bob Stewart MP and Gareth Bacon (GLA)

You may be aware of the current consultation by Govia on its proposed changes to its timetable that will be operated by GTR in 2018 following the completion of the Thameslink Programme (see

The proposals cut out existing services from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond via the Thameslink Core (the 2 way track between Blackfriars and City Thameslink).  This affects services from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Southwark.

We are seeking your help in challenging these proposals to retain these very important rail services for Beckenham. I refer you to a petition of nearly 800 local people campaigning to ‘Save train services from Beckenham Junction/Kent House/Penge East to St Pancras and beyond’ (see: I expect this petition will grow significantly in the coming weeks as more commuters become aware their train service will cease.

As there is now a new Minister for Transport, new London Mayor and plans to bring some London metro rail services into TfL there is an opportunity to review rail services in the South East and the decision to remove Thameslink services from Beckenham.

Currently there are 6 services that run from Beckenham Junction through the Thameslink Core daily Monday to Friday:

·       4 morning services (leaving Beckenham at 07:14 7:44, 8:02, 08:41)

·       2 evening services (returning to Beckenham at 17:18 and 18:19)

The removal of these services is not part of this current consultation by Govia on their timetable. But please be aware that there is significant local opposition and many commuters have not yet been informed that their services are going to be removed by May 2018. These 6 weekday services are essential for local people and are relied upon. This is evident by how well they are used – almost all the seating taken when the train leaves Beckenham Junction in the morning.


·       Our Association first became aware of the proposed cessation of Thameslink services from Beckenham in May 2014 when the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern (TSGN) was franchise announced.

·       Previously in the summer of 2012 the government held a consultation called “Consultation on the combined Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise”. As part of this seemingly franchise/contract related consultation the routes from South London through the Thameslink Core were discussed.  Local rail users of this route were not proactively consulted and so they were not aware that only some of the services among those from Sutton, Wimbledon, Ashford via Maidstone East, Rochester, Sevenoaks, Orpington, Beckenham Junction and Kent House would proceed through the Thameslink Core to St Pancras and beyond.  In other words,  many were not aware this consultation would axe some services. It is documented in the proposal that Network Rail recommended rail services from Wimbledon Loop should terminate at Blackfriars and not go through the Core. 

·       Despite this recommendation by Network Rail a decision was made that trains from Wimbledon will go through the Core at the expense of those from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich. We understand that local government in Wimbledon were successful in lobbying for their services to go through the Core –  Beckenham residents lost out.

·       In Aug 2014 Govia confirmed that “The specification for the new Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise, drawn up by the Department for Transport following a public consultation, required us to operate Wimbledon Loop services through the Thameslink Core. This, combined with other destinations required to be served by Thameslink trains, meant it was not possible to plan for trains from Beckenham Junction to operate through the Thameslink Core post 2018.”

The Department of Transport is stopping Govia or any other train operator (like Southeastern) running trains from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond. Further there are no guarantees that services will be retained from Beckenham Junction terminating at Blackfriars (the station before the Thameslink Core).

It does not seem reasonable that Wimbledon is given all the Thameslink services whilst a critical rail service is completely removed from Beckenham Junction, Kent House, Penge East, Sydenham Hill and West Dulwich. Surely there is capacity for these stations to retain their 6 daily services Thameslink services?

I trust we can be assured your support in reaching out to the relevant decision makers (London Mayor, DfT, TfL, Govia, Network Rail, Southeastern etc). I have also forwarded this email to MP’s, GLA Member and Councillors that cover the other stations affected and hope they too will offer their support.

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