CCARA Summer 2020 Newsletter

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Armbands for fitness classes held in Bromley Parks

Residents may notice park-goers exercising whilst wearing red or white bands. Fitness providers running classes in Bromley Parks must now be registered and wear armbands displayed during an authorised fitness/training session. 

If residents have any issues with the recreational use of parks and green spaces they can contact us ( and we will engage our Idverde Community Liaison, or they can contact Idverde online here.

If you witness anti-social behaviour in action in the parks you can call Ward Security directly on 0845 8476180.

Our feedback on the Bromley Councils Air Quality Action Plan + consultation extended to 10 Aug 2020

Bromley Council are undertaking a consultation on the draft Air Quality Action Plan. The plan outlines the actions the Council will take to improve air quality in the London Borough of Bromley between 2020-2025.  We have submitted feedback on the plan which requests increased action on air pollution monitoring, enhancing biodiversity including more tree planting, and improving our trouble road hotspots to promote more cycling and walking.  You can read our letter here.

Today the Council extended the consultation until 10 August 2020.  You can view the draft consultation document here. The council advise that feedback can be provided by completing a short survey. For more detailed responses residents may want to email the Council Pollution Team at  and copy in ward councillors.

We are interested in your views, please let us know by email to

Share your views on GP services during COVID-19 by 17 Aug 2020

From the NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group

Covid-19 has caused changes to the way you access healthcare over the last few months. It will continue to have an impact and we will not return to normal this year.

We are keen to know what your experience of using our services has been like over the last few months.  What you tell us, will help us plan better for the future.

To share your views, please complete this short survey:

The survey closes on 17 August 2020.

Consultation on the draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) – have your say by 27 July 2020

Bromley Council are undertaking a consultation on the draft Air Quality Action Plan 2020-2025.

The Councils proposed plan outlines the actions it will take to improve air quality in the London Borough of Bromley between 2020-2025.  You can view the draft consultation document here.

The council advise that feedback can be provided by completing a short survey. For more detailed responses residents may want to email the Council Pollution Team at

We are interested in your views, please let us know by email to

Upward Development Permitted Development Rights and Beckenham Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal – Council meeting tonight Tues 14 July 2020

At this evenings Council meeting of the Development Control Committee the following planning issues will be discussed:

  • The governments Upward Development Permitted Development Rights, due to come into force in August 2020, which will allow developers to extend purpose built blocks of flats upwards by up to two storeys to provide new residential units without planning permission.
  • Beckenham Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal

We have submitted a letter of support for more Council planning scrutiny in regards to upward development and also for the Beckenham Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal to be adopted by the committee. You can read our letter here.

You can watch the meeting online at tonight at 6.30pm Tuesday 14 July, see details here.  The agenda and supporting documents can be found here.

Met Police warning on potential NHS Test & Trace scams, June 2020

The Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit has issued the following alert:


This government service is extremely important in the fight against coronavirus and it’s vital the public are on board with it; however, people have concerns about the opportunity for criminals to commit scams and some scam texts are already in circulation.
NHS Test & Trace will never ask you for financial details, PINs or passwords and will never visit your home. Also, Contact Tracers will never:

Ask you to dial a premium rate number (eg those starting 09 or 087);Ask you to make any form of payment;
Ask for details of your bank account;
Ask for your social media identities, login details, or those of your contacts;
Ask for any passwords or PINs, or ask you to set up passwords or PINs over the phone;
Ask you to purchase a product;
Ask you to download software or hand over control of your PC, smartphone or tablet;
Ask you to access any website that does not belong to the Government or NHS.

Whilst it is possible for criminals to fake official phone numbers, they cannot fake official website addresses. Anyone with concerns about a phone call, text message or email in relation to Test & Trace is encouraged to check the website address provided carefully. If possible, type the official address ( followed by unique characters given to you, directly into your browser.

If you think you have been sent a scam message, please report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via

Changes to use of Older Person Freedom Passes and 60+ Oyster cards from Monday 15 June

Temporary changes are being made from Monday 15 June to the times of day the Older Person’s Freedom Pass and the 60+ Oyster card can be used on Transport for London services.  They will not be valid for use during the morning peak travel period on weekdays from 04.30 t0 09.00.  After 9am on weekdays and at weekends they can be used as normal.  Disabled Freedom Pass holders will be unaffected by these changes.

Passengers are also being advised, where possible, not to travel immediately after 0900 to help reduce potential crowding on buses and trains where effective capacity has been hugely reduced as a result of the requirement to observe two-metres social distancing wherever possible.

For further information see: 

Suggestions for other road improvements to be considered by Bromley Council at Environment Committee Meeting 8 June 2020

On Monday 8 June Bromley Council’s Environment Committee is meeting to discuss and approve a “Funding submission for highway measures to support social distancing during recovery from lockdown”.  Last Thursday the Council published their proposal for road improvements that support pedestrians and cyclists, you can read the full proposal here.  The Copers Cope Ward has benefitted from some schemes, including:

  • Pedestrian crossing at Southend/Park Road.
  • More cycle routes
  • Work to improve pedestrian safety at the Cornerways Surgery junction (Manor Road /Wickham Road / Bromley Road)
  • 20mph signs at Worsley Bridge School

Ahead of this meeting we have written to the Chair of the Environment Committee and our ward councillors with suggestions for other measures local people have raised, these include:

  • Dealing with speeding on Copers Cope Rd, Park Rd, Brackley Rd, The Avenue and surrounding roads
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing on Copers Cope Rd by New Beckenham Station
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing on Brackley Rd for Worsley Bridge School
  • Resolving the problems at the junction of Park Rd and Southend Rd, without closing off Park Rd and displacing the traffic to Copers Cope Rd and Brackley Rd
  • Investigating options to manage the congestion over Westgate Rd Bridge at peak times

You can read our joint letter with West Beckenham Residents’ Association here.  If you have any other feedback please let us know and we can follow up with a supplementary letter to the Council – email

The council meeting will be broadcast at 1 p.m. on Monday (8 June) and you can view it here – the page will be updated a few minutes before the meeting starts.

List of road improvement schemes in Beckenham – £295,000+ for Bromley Council to make streets better for pedestrians and cyclists – have your say.

The government is making funds available to local authorities to make changes to road layouts and to give more space to active travel and pedestrians.  This is a great opportunity for residents to put forward suggestions on how to make streets safer. Our Association will be writing to our Councillors on points residents have raised with us previously and we are keen to hear your views again,  please email

Bromley Council have access immediately to £295k in funds to help town centres return to trading safely and can apply for further grants. On June 8 the Council is meeting to go forward with this (see the full proposal here).  As well as identifying hotspots in town centres, Council Officers have prepared a list of ‘ideas’ that have been raised with them by Councillors previously. This list of potential schemes identified by the Council may not be inclusive at this stage, but there are lots of welcome improvements for Beckenham (that residents have raised previously) and we assume all the bids for different schemes will need to be worked up before applying for a grant and this will allow time for local peoples feedback to be included.

The Beckenham schemes have been listed below. Does this list include all the issue hotspots? Are there other opportunities?Are all the schemes favourable?  Residents from Park Rd and surrounds will note the closure of Park Rd at Southend Rd is included, but no schemes have been included to manage the displacement of traffic on to Copers Cope Rd and Brackley Rd. Please let us know about schemes you support, other opportunities and any concerns with potential schemes by email to

Temporary measures in locations where walking and cycling schemes have been previously supported by Members

  • CLOCK HOUSE Provide a temporary cycle route from Clock House Station to join the Kent House to Greenwich Cycleway. [indicative cost: £15k]
  • CLOCK HOUSE Provide a temporary cycle route from Kent House Station via Ravenscroft Road and Marlow Road to the Croydon boundary. [indicative cost: £30k]
  • COPERS COPE A third aspect of this new cycle route could be adding a parallel zebra crossing to Southend Road, with associated road safety measures, by the junction with Foxgrove and Park Roads, which will also assist pedestrians in this area; this is supported by the Ward Members and has also been approved by PDS previously (pre-design). The temporary closure of Park Road can also be trialled, in respect to a delayed road safety 13 improvement planned for this crossroads, which is a casualty cluster site. [indicative cost: £50k]
  • COPERS COPE Add a temporary cycle route along Albemarle Rd as discussed during development of Shortlands Liveable Neighbourhood. In conjunction with proposed measures on Bromley Road and Glassmill Lane they will create a temporary cycle route from Market Square Bromley to the transport interchange at Beckenham Junction. [indicative cost: £30k]
  • COPERS COPE Add temporary cycle lanes to the north and south directions of Bromley Road between Shortlands Road and Albemarle Road and the introduction of a temporary controlled crossing at the junction of Albemarle Road and Bromley Road. Filter the junction of Scotts Avenue with Bromley Road to through traffic. These measures will also increase additional pedestrian space around Bishop Challenor School. [indicative cost: £31k]
  • COPERS COPE Adding a pedestrian refuge across Southend Rd near the Lewisham border, where many residents cross to use Beckenham Place Park. (This will replace the small splitter island currently in situ.) [indicative cost: £20k]
  • COPERS COPE An experimental cycle route from Beckenham to Greenwich, via Copers Cope Road, to link with the above scheme at New Beckenham station. This route proposal has already been approved by Members, but has been delayed by some design issues. The proposal is to install a temporary cycle lane as a measure to assist those wishing to cycle to London, whilst also allowing Bromley to assess usage and function as we decide the precise alignment of the permanent cycleway. [indicative cost: £70k]
  • COPERS COPE Completion of the cycle route from Kent House Station, to Greenwich (already approved by Members and partly built). This route includes two parallel zebra crossings and is mostly funded from 2019/20 LIP. Proposal is to introduce some quick-install measures to make this route useable much sooner, whilst build continues. [indicative cost: £120k]
  • COPERS COPE On the other side of Beckenham discussion has been ongoing with Members about a scheme to help pedestrians cross the arms of the Manor Rd / Wickham Rd / Bromley Rd junction. Temporary measures might be trialled here to prevent bunching of pedestrians, without any impact on traffic capacity. [indicative cost: £40k]

Town Centre Social Distancing Hotspots


  • In Beckenham High Street adding barriers to selected inset parking bays to create wider footways, such as by the post office and between The Drive and the war memorial.
  • Beckenham High St: Beckenham Pharmacy 171-173 High St. Granite Bench on the edge of village way / High St creates a pinch point.
  • Beckenham High St: Boots Pharmacy 181 High St pedestrian pinch point due to queues and narrow pavement.
  • Queues outside M&S opposite church.
  • Keep left signs and floor vinyl at various points around the town centre.
  • Major Bus stops – Signs / Floor vinyl / Pavement widening Minimum sign requirement: 60x One way / keep left; 150x Floor stickers; 60x Keep 2m apart


  • Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl on both sides of highway.
  • Sainsbury’s Local 185-205 Beckenham Road – floor vinyl Minimum signs required: 8x One way / keep left; 10x Floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart


  • Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl by Shopping parade.
  • Macks Pharmacy 2 Eden Park Ave – Floor Vinyl.
  • Lotus Pharmacy 119 Croydon Road – Floor Vinyl.
  • Issues crossing bridge by Tesco Superstore: add improved crossing facilities to allow pedestrians to use either footpath. Minimum signs required: 8x One way / keep left; 10x floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart EDEN PARK  Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl by Shopping parade.
  • Sainsbury’s Local 515-519 Upper Elmers End Road Minimum signs required: 8xOne way / keep left; 10x Floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart

Temporary measures for Schools

CLOCK HOUSE Churchfields Primary School: advisory 20mph part time electronic signs.

CLOCK HOUSE Stewart Fleming – Witham Rd. Signs.

COPERS COPE Worsley Bridge Primary School: advisory 20mph part time electronic signs.

KELSEY AND EDEN PARK Marian Vian – Shirley Cres. Signs.

Appearance of Mobile Phone Mast on Bromley Road, May 2020

Large Mobile Phone Mast Erected on Bromley Road

An administration error by the Council’s Planning and Development department appears to have resulted in the erection, without planning permission, of a large mobile phone mast on land behind the petrol station on Bromley Road.

In September 2019, a telecommunications company sought permission to erect an 18m (59ft) high base station tower directly behind the petrol station at 202 Bromley Road.  The application was refused by Bromley Council in November, deciding that the height, appearance and siting of the proposed mast would be detrimental to the visual amenities of the area, and would appear as an alien and incongruous feature in a backland setting  within a suburban residential area.  So, in February, local residents were shocked to see the tall structure suddenly appear on the skyline.  The mast is designed to hold six 2 metre-high antennae and a 30cm satellite dish, though at present the equipment hasn’t yet been fitted.

In a response to a freedom of information request, concerned neighbours discovered that the Council retained no record of an email being sent to the applicant notifying them of their decision to refuse the application.  It appears that, in the apparent absence of a decision within the statutory period of 56 days, the applicant decided to press ahead with construction.

It is believed the Council has sought legal advice regarding their position, but is not taking the matter any further.

Local residents told us yesterday that the reply to their FOI request was inadequate in several respects, and  they have since asked for it to be reviewed.  They are also investigating ways to appeal against the Council’s handling of the application and considering taking the case further, to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Full details of the planning application are here 19/04009/TELCOM




Urgent appeal from Mayor of London: Please donate now to your local foodbank if you can

Urgent appeal from Mayor of London

“Foodbanks in up to seven London boroughs are reporting critical shortages of food. Some have been forced to close because of a shortage of supplies and people to run them. This is urgent!

You can donate online directly to your nearest foodbank or through one of these organisations (local food banks are listed further down):

  • Independent Food Aid Network – The UK network for independent food aid providers. They support and connect a range of independent frontline food aid organisations while advocating on their behalf at a national level.
  • Trussell Trust – Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaigns for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

As we all rally together to fight back against this virus, please consider supporting your local foodbank. This is one of the most effective and safest ways to help others in our community.”

Local Food Banks

  • Supermarkets – Waitrose and Sainsburys both have food bank collection baskets at the back of their check-outs.
  • Living Well – located at Trinity Church on Leonard Rd in Penge
  • Bromley Borough Food bank – has centres in Bromley Town Centre and Anerley
  • Food Plus Bromley – run by Citygate Church in Beckenham


Crystal Palace Football Academy plans in Copers Cope Road approved by Bromley Council

The erection of a covered full-size football pitch and the creation of an artificial full-size pitch as part of an extended football academy was approved by Bromley Council’s Development Control Committee on 18 March.

Crystal Palace Football Club’s planning application also included plans for six training pitches ​of various sizes as well as a full size show pitch with spectator seating in Beckenham. ​The application proposes that the public will also be able to use the facilities. The council’s Development Control Committee were persuaded that ​while the proposed indoor pitch is inappropriate development on the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) in Copers Cope Road, there are very special circumstances to outweigh the harm which would be caused. ​This includes the benefit to Crystal Palace Football Club and the community use.

Councillor Alexa Michael, Development Control Committee Chairman, said: “This site has been used for sport for over a hundred years and securing the long term future of the site and keeping its sporting use is very welcome news. It will also mean that Crystal Palace Football Club will continue to be intrinsically rooted in our Borough, sharing its roots with Crystal Palace, which is also in our Borough.  In addition to the commitment that the facilities will be used by the community, this will be a place where young people will receive football related coaching and a variety of life skills.”

There were concerns raised by local residents about the size and height of the indoor pitch and the impact on Metropolitan Open Land, with the 19 metre maximum height to the apex of the curved roof required for technical engineering reasons.

The academy facilities will be made available to the local community in partnership with the Palace for Life Foundation, with the Foundation delivering programmes for more than 14,000 local children and young adults across south London. The increased access to the new Academy facility will enable this  they can extend their reach in Bromley, especially for disability football, girls’ football, health and wellbeing programmes and employability workshops.

The approval decision is subject to the completion of a legal agreement and a section 106 agreement.​ It is also subject to approval by the Mayor of London.

Lewisham Council early stage consultation on changes to Beckenham Place Park

Lewisham Council are consulting on potential changes to the eastern side of Beckenham Place Park (the Common and Summerhouse Fields) and seeking to secure funding to deliver improvements.

They are very keen to engage the local and wider community at an early stage in the design process to help understand the qualities and character of this part of the park and what needs to be improved and what positive things can be emphasised. The Council will feed all this information into the development of design ideas – which the Council will then be seeking views on in a few months’ time.

The consultation will run until April 26.   Go to: Online Survey