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New toilets at Beckenham Junction Station have just opened (August 2019)

Southeastern have spent a few pennies at Beckenham Junction Station with a much-needed refurbishment of both the Ladies and Gents toilets. New cubicles and sinks with ultra hygienic taps & hand dryers have been installed.
New toilets at Beckenham Junction
So it’s a ‘thank you’ from the Beckenham travelling public!
(posted by Copers Cope Area Residents Association)

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by | 27/08/2019 · 17:00

Volunteers needed for Beckenham Poppy Appeal Collectors

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by | 30/07/2019 · 08:00

What to look for in our parks in January

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by | 20/01/2019 · 13:39

Coordinated police activity at Beckenham Junction and neighbourhood

Last week saw coordinated police activity by a Met Roads and Transport Unit and railway revenue officers in the roads round Beckenham Junction Station and at the station itself, with road checks for mobile phone use, insurance and/or MOT, and seat belts. At the same time the large group of officers kept a check on the incoming trams, and with colleagues from Transport Revenue stopped fare dodgers coming off both trains and trams.
The combined operation at Beckenham Junction Station produced excellent results according to the Sergeant in charge: “We made one arrest for possession of a lock knife and conducted several stop searches on some known criminals.  Beckenham Junction is a safe community and we are working hard to increase our visibility and presence. This week we deployed with the railway revenue officers; they were kept busy checking tickets and issued about 30 penalty fares (£80).”

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by | 17/12/2018 · 07:00

Save the date – Beckenham Christmas Light Switch On – 1st Dec 2018

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by | 08/11/2018 · 08:00

An Evening Helen Pankhurst, St George’s Church – 8pm Mon 8 Oct 2018

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by | 23/09/2018 · 08:00

Take part in Bromley Swift Survey May to September 2018

From RSPB Bromley Local Group

Bromley Swift Survey: How many swifts are nesting near you?

Swifts have been nesting in our buildings for centuries and have been a common sight performing their aerial acrobatics over our borough’s towns in the summer. They spend the rest of their year in Africa.

Unfortunately, their numbers are in severe decline. Between 1995 and 2015 the UK lost more than half its swifts. Numbers appear to have fallen even more in Bromley over the same period.

The RSPB believes that loss of nest sites is at least partly responsible. Due to our tendency to seal up buildings during renovation or knock them down, swifts are returning to discover their nest site has gone or access is blocked.

Action is urgently needed to prevent swifts becoming extinct in Bromley.

We are running a Bromley Swift Survey between May and July this year to discover where they are still nesting. We need to find this out quickly so that action to provide nesting spaces can be targeted in the right areas.

No knowledge of swifts or previous experience of doing surveys is needed. It will be really simple and easy, and help will be available if needed, for example on how to identify a swift.

We will ask participants to go for a short walk along the streets near to where they live or another location of their choice. A balmy summer’s evening would be best as the swifts will be most active then. The walk should be repeated at least once a month between May and July – so a total of three short walks. The participant would make a note of any swifts they see flying at rooftop level as this means that the birds will be nesting nearby.

It would be great if you could take part. The more people who join in the better as we will build a more detailed picture of Bromley’s swift population.

To take part in the survey or find out more information you can either:

  • email our Group’s Recorder Peter Smart on
  • call the Group on 07392 790 719.

RSPB Bromley Local Group

Bromley Swift Survey – Poster

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by | 30/04/2018 · 21:44

The Crooks Saxaphone Quartet – Celebrate the Music – 7pm Sat 16 Dec Clock House Methodist Church

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by | 13/12/2017 · 08:00

The London Welsh Male Voice Choir, Charity Concert – 14 Oct 2017, Christ Church Beckenham

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by | 04/10/2017 · 08:00

Tescos store likely at Chinese Roundabout

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by | 12/09/2017 · 09:00

Save the date – Market On The Green 23 Sept 2017

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by | 11/09/2017 · 22:17

TfL confirmed Bus Diversions from 29 Aug 2017, Beckenham

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by | 05/09/2017 · 15:43

Public meeting tomorrow night – Bromley Trading Standards Talk and Town Centre Improvement Update – 8pm Weds 29 March 2017, Beckenham Public Halls

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by | 28/03/2017 · 19:48

SGCO Symphonic Greats– 7.45pm Sat 11 Mar 2017, St George’s Church

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by | 10/03/2017 · 10:16

Beckenham Improvement Scheme – Open Day 20-21Jan 2016 – Speak to Bromley Council about the Scheme


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by | 11/01/2017 · 21:15

Pasadena Roof Orchestra 8pm Fri 2nd Dec 2016 St. George’s Beckenham

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by | 18/11/2016 · 08:00

Vivaldi Four Seasons by St George’s Chamber Orchestra – 7.45pm Sat 19 Nov 2016, St George’s Church Beckenham

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by | 15/11/2016 · 08:00

Beckenham Business Day – Tomorrow 7 Sept 2016 at Beckenham Public Halls


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by | 06/09/2016 · 07:00

Cabaret – Friday Night at Venue 28 – 9 Sept 2016


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by | 05/09/2016 · 20:24

Trading Standards Scam Alert – Prize Draw


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by | 27/05/2016 · 08:00