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At the recent Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP) meeting it was reported by our local Police that the Copers Cope Ward has been suffering a high spike in burglaries recently making it the worst hit area in the Borough.

Many of the burglaries have taken place during the day while residents are on the school run or at work, and most have been in blocks of flats. Our local police team has been putting tremendous effort into reversing this unfortunate trend. Our three officers have been joined by colleagues from Kelsey Park & Shortlands, and Clock House in patrolling the worst hit roads, and Transport Police have been creating a higher presence around our stations.

Our officers are planning to hold street briefings in the worst affected streets in the near future and would be happy to attend Residents’ Association meetings to discuss these problems – we look forward to welcoming them to our annual public meeting at 8pm 20 March 2019 (Beckenham Public Halls). Posters with the message ‘Thieves Beware’ are to be distributed for displaying on entry doors, leaflets with prevention advice have been dropped to all residences in roads that have had a burglary.

There are ways residents can take active measures to prevent burglaries:

  • All residents should operate the communal front door entry system to give access only to their own, known visitors and greet their visitors personally.
  • Residents must not allow access to the common parts to any unknown callers and must ensure that the entrance door is secured when entering/exiting the building.
  • All ground floor windows and doors must be securely locked whenever no-one is home.
  • Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to the police on 101.

But there’s an upside to everything – there were many new faces at the recent Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting. They are most welcome, and we hope they all become regular members. Anyone wishing to join the Copers Cope SNP, give contact details of Residents’ Associations or of block management committees, should drop an email to

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Overnight resurfacing work in High Street Beckenham between Albemarle Road and the Odeon Roundabout from Tuesday 20th November until Tuesday 27th November (5am). Excluding the weekend.  (message courtesy of Conways, contractor for the works)

Please do be aware that overnight resurfacing work will be taking place from Tuesday 20th November. This work will be carried out over 5 nights and should be completed by 05:00am on the morning of Tuesday 27th November. Work should start by 8pm every evening and could continue until 5am the following morning. However, these dates/timings are subject to changes due to performance and weather. Work will initially consist of the existing road surface being taken or ‘planed’ off, with a new surface then re-laid, with the ‘planing’ being the noisier element.

The works will be carried out in two sections:

  • Albemarle Rd – The Odeon Roundabout
    Tuesday 20th November –Thursday 22nd November(5am)
  • The Odeon Roundabout
    Thursday 22nd November – Tuesday 27th November(5am) (Excluding the weekend)

To facilitate this work, The High Street will be closed from 8:00pm between Albemarle Road Junction with The High Street and The Odeon Roundabout. Through traffic will be required to follow diversions. Buses will be on diversion also. For more information please visit  Marshals will be in attendance to enable essential vehicular access to properties, although pedestrian access will be available throughout. The road will re-open from 5:00am the following morning on all given dates.

Parking suspensions will be in place. We do understand the inconvenience this may cause, but we would be grateful if you could avoid parking on The High Street throughout the duration of the works. Any cars obstructing the works may be relocated to an adjoining road.

Warning; hot bitumen bonding agent is laid during these works and could therefore cause damage to your vehicle. Once on your tyres the residue may transfer to paths and drives.

We anticipate all noisy work to be completed by midnight, with only deliveries of new materials after that.

As this is a major road, which is extremely busy in the daytime, there is no option but to carry out this work at night, but we are mindful of residents and the impact on town centre, visitors and businesses.

We will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum as far as possible. Again, we do apologise for any inconvenience or disturbance caused during this period.

At the end of the night work, the road surface along this stretch of The High Street will have been greatly improved from the current condition, with the overall town centre improvement initiative making Beckenham a more attractive and safer place for residents, visitors and businesses.

Should you have any questions regarding these works please do not hesitate to contact either of the following: –

F. M. Conway – Mr. Paul Padfield 01732 600 700 or London Borough of Bromley on 020 8313 4940

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